Sikhism Essay Research Paper SIKHISMSikhism is a

Sikhism Essay, Research PaperSikhismSikhism is a Religion of singularity. It has beliefs from two other faiths ; Hinduism and Islam ( Borak 53 ) . This faith is really scarce in the United States. The chief country for Sikhs is in the Northwest India ( Borak 53 ) .

I had ne’er heard of this faith before, so that is the chief ground why I chose to analyze this faith. I have found it really interesting and different. The Sikhs have many alone qualities.Sikhism dates back to a long clip ago. Making it more modern, it was introduced near the shutting of the fifteenth Century ( Borak 53 ) . Guru Nanak Dev originated it, now doing it a minority group. The Sikhs are found by and large around northwest India, or Punjab, but can besides be found anyplace in the universe ( Borak 53 ) .Sikhism has a really rare formation.

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This faith is a mixture of two other faiths, known as Hinduism and Islam. This fall ining together is known as syncretism ( Hopfe 188 ) . The Hindus and Islams began to blend and some idea of fall ining the two together. Not everyone agreed so they decided to do a new faith with patterns from both faiths while still maintaining Hinduism and Islam separate faiths ( Borak 54 ) . From the Hindus, the reincarnation of Jesus was put into pattern for this freshly accepted faith and besides they kept? The True Name? sacred because He can make anything. One true God is used besides as a pattern, coming from the Islam beliefs ( Hopfe 188 ) . Its originality helps do this faith particular in its ain alone manner.The Sikhs have many of their ain beliefs but besides the 1s coming from Hinduism and Islam.

The gap lines in their Holy Book, or Guru Granith Sahib, province? There is one supreme ageless world ; the truth ; immanent in all things ; Godhead of all things ; immanent in creative activity. With out fright and without hatred ; non subject to clip ; beyond birth and decease ; self uncovering? ( Philosophy ) . This statement summarizes their basic instructions, besides adding equality to their beliefs ( Hopfe 198 ) . They believe every homo is of the same sex even though celibacy is non allowed.

Womans are equal to all work forces. Sikhs do non believe in firing adult females, adult females have oning head coverings, or matrimonies to widows. There is no separation by credo, colour, race, or sex ( Philosophy ) . All people are equal.Sikhs believe to idolize in temples known as Gurdwaras, besides intending Gateway to the Guru. Daily fond regard to God helps you become closer to Him, believes Narm Marg ( Philosophy ) . Besides, faith grows within the community while idolizing at the Gurdwaras.

( Richards, 198 ) Serving others is their centre of worship ( Richards 198 ) .Among the Sikhs are three other faiths, The Udasis, Sahajdharis, and the Singhs. The Udasis is an order of Holy Men who follow the same patterns as Buddhist, Hindus, and Jainism. They are continent and have on a xanthous coarse garment like Buddhist monastics or travel bare like Jain monastics. They have one ownership, a beggary bowl and they are besides ill shaven ( Hopfe 180 ) . On the other manus, Sahajdaris are really sensible and really clean- people.

They reject the combativeness of the Sikhs ( Hopfe 192 ) . The Singhs are merely a interruption off of the Sikhs.Sikhs believe in God but they worship by Gurus ( Richards 198 ) . Guru means leader ( Hopfe 189 ) .

They besides believe in Guru Granith Sahib and other authorship by the 10 Gurus. They do non believe in any other faith, though ( Richards 198 ) . God is the Godhead, upholder, and distructer who can non take human signifier ( Philosophy ) .

He appears merely in spirit by believing and can non look in human ( Richards 198 ) . Their five central frailties are Kam, or lecherousness, Krodah, or choler, Lobh, or greed, Moh, or wordly attachment, and Ahankar, or pride ( Philosophy ) . Some of their beliefs and frailties are the same as Catholics.Sikhism doesn? T truly hold any hierarchy that I could happen but they do have certain places. There are 10 Gurus who would function as our priest bash, but now they worship what the Gurus taught and by the Scripture ( Hopfe 189 ) . Gurus were the leaders. ( See pages seven for a listing of the 10 Gurus. ) Their first Guru who was chosen April 5, 1469, the twenty-four hours Sikhism formed was Guru Nanak, and the last Guru was Gobind Singh Dev from 1666 to 1708 when he died ( Guru Nanak Dev ) .

I did non happen out why there are non any more Gurus. Gurus are the down face of the heavenly who provide leading for worlds ( Philosophy ) . They still do hold day of remembrances for the Gurus which are known as Gurpurbs ( Philosophy ) . Gurus used to be really of import work forces.They take tonss of pride in their ceremonials and they believe greatly in following the regulations. Taking clip out of their agenda to analyze God helps them recognize instruction of the Gurus and helps them move like God would.

One type of speculation is Akhand Path. This is a non-stop forepart to endorse reading of the Holy Book, or Guru Granith Sahib. This celebrates troubled times like birth, matrimony, decease, new houses, or Gurpurbs.

This reading normally takes 48 hours ( Akhand Path ) . The naming of a kid is really of import to them. This ceremonial is known as Nam Karan. To make this you open a hymnal to any page and on the page you open to, you use the first missive of the anthem on that page. The first missive of the anthem is the first missive of the kid? s name. Baptism is known as Amrit Sanskar. The individual being baptized must see and accept God.

They must besides be obligated and know the significance of God to go baptized. They must look and move like a Sikh before welcomed into the Sikh Community ( Amrit Sanskar ) . They believe funerals are an ingenuous procedure of God? s will. Crying and demoing sorrow are a mark of non wishing God. Sikhs will normally cremate a individual and distribute their ashes in a nearby river but sometimes they will bury a individual at sea. What? s left of a dead individual is merely their skeleton and their psyche is with God, so they do non idolize the dead ( Funerals ) . They believe their ceremonials to be really proper.

Sikhism is a faith of many symbols. A Khanda would be equal to our cross by intending ( Religious symbols ) . A community kitchen or Langer is a symbol of non-sexist and non-racist worshippers ( Religious Symbols ) . To travel to a Sarovar, or garnering pool, Sikhs must be pure in psyche. They go to rinse off wickednesss and go free to make God? s will ( Religious Symbols ) .

The Sikhs have a flag surging from every Gurdwaras, which is called Nishan Sahib. I did non happen out what that was a symbol of ( Religious Symbols ) . They truly like their symbols.The Sikhs do non believe in rites ( Hopfe 188 ) . They doubt and decline from utilizing them.

They besides do non fast, believe in spiritual vegetarianism, pilgrim’s journeies, superstitious notions, yoga, and idol worship. Their signifier of fasting is good behavior ( Philosophy ) . Sikhs do hold three responsibilities, ? devotedness to and worship of the Divine Name, brotherhood of God through difficult work and sharing wagess of one? s ain work? ( Richards 198 ) . Rituals are non allowed.Sikhism has many of the same features as Christians. The? Name? is really of import and we both believe in friendly relationship and sacrament, brotherhood of adult male who was rescued by grace, and paternity of God are besides similar features.

Another common belief is surrender to the will of God. Similar features reflect in a batch of other faiths besides ( Similarities ) .Not merely are at that place some similar patterns, there are besides some differences. We believe Sunday is a Holy twenty-four hours or Sabbath, but they believe mundane is equal. They do non hold priests but they used to hold Gurus. Hell is the same as birth and decease, and Eden is your psyche making for God. Merely God? s? chosen people? are 1s out loud for redemption, but you can make that by believing and swearing in God.

They believe God has no kids and you can merely be baptized when you realize God? s significance ( Differences ) . We are different in many ways.I did non cognize anything about this faith before I began to research it. Everything I read was new information and I found it interesting. I particularly found their ceremonials and some of their beliefs interesting. I truly found naming of the kid and the funeral procedures really unusual. I believe it is those types of qualities that make it so alone.

I didn? Ts truly find anything on why people wanted to fall in the Religion but I did happen that foreigners found it interesting because it is so alone ( Borak 53 ) .Sikhism is really alone in my sentiment because I thought a batch of the patterns and ceremonials were different from what I am used it. Sikhism is really uncommon in the United States because it is by and large located in India. I guess that is another ground why I find it so interesting.

I besides find it interesting that it is a combination of two other faiths. I am glad I chose this faith because it was fun to research.


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