Signs of Celebration in Cross Plains Essay

Over the past few weeks, banners marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of Cross Plains have gone up around the town. In addition to two horizontal banners located at the town’s four-way stop, a number of vertical banners went up as well. Looks like the folks in Howard’s hometown are going all out celebrating this important milestone in the town’s history. Here is a rundown from Arlene Stevenson of Project Pride of some of the Cross Plains Centennial Celebration events and festivities:

We will be incorporating “100 years of life in CP” into activities all year long. The Centennial Singers (a community-wide choir) will be singing songs of the decades at different events – like the fire department fund-raising supper, the library Historical Trivia Contest and fund-raiser. Project Pride will be sponsoring a mystery photo contest a little later – zooming way in on some part of some of the oldest buildings and publishing them one at a time in the Cross Plains Review for people to identify. The library’s summer reading program will be historically related and the Barbarian Festival Committee will be putting together a book of old pictures and memories (“remember hanging out at the Dairy Bar type thing”).

You can keep up with all the events on the Cross Plains Centennial Planning Facebook page.

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