Sightseeing tatarstan Essay

KazanIn 2005, the capital of Tatarstan celebrated its millenary. Kazan, with its impressive Kremlin, mosques, churches and rich museums, is a alone tourer attractive force tourer paths along the Volga and included in the list of World Heritage Cities, awarded sheepskin and decorations of UNESCO. This is a metropolis of theatres, museums, a metropolis of music, international festivals, rich libraries, emerging engineerings, concern partnerships and the rich scientific potency.Kazan KremlinHistorical and architectural memorial of the XVI-XVIIIv.v. On the district of which the symbol of Kazan – Syuyumbike tower, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the mosque of Kul Sheriff.

The entire country of the Kremlin is about 150 1000s square metres. m, the outer margin of the walls – about 1800 m. Harmonizing to UNESCO ‘s determination, the Kazan Kremlin declared a World Heritage site as “ an outstanding illustration of the synthesis of Tatar and Russian influences in architecture. ”Bauman StreetPedestrian street in the downtown country.

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Leads to the Kazan Kremlin. The ancient architecture coexists with soveremennyy design of urban streets of Europe. Business centre of Kazan and the topographic points where the amusement and amusement. The chief attractive force of the oldest streets of Kazan – the bell tower Church of the Epiphany ( 1756 ) . Opposite the bell tower in 1999 was a memorial to the great indigen of Kazan, Fyodor Chaliapin, who was baptized in the Church of the Epiphany.RaifAt the bosom of one of the subdivisions of the Volga-Kama State Preserve is one of the gems of Russian architecture of the XVII century – Raifskiy Virgin Monastery.

Desertss in Raifa lake and river Bag founded Chudovskij ieromonahom Filaret. In 1928 the monastery was closed. Since 1992, he was reborn.

In the monastery, 5 temples. Marvelous Icon of Our Lady of Georgia is its chief shrine.Island Grad SvijazhskThe alone fortress metropolis founded by Tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1551. As a alone holistic historical-cultural complex territorial ages 16-20 in 1990 Svijazhsk included in the new list of historic metropoliss and colonies of the Russian Federation, in 1996, is included in the preliminary list of World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in six classs: history, urban planning, architecture, icons, and wall paintings, archaeology, natural and anthropogenetic landscape. On the island registered 21 memorials of federal significance.YelabugaAt 215 kilometer from Kazan on the Kama River has one of the most poetic and intelligent metropoliss of Tatarstan – Yelabuga. Lived and worked here NA Durova, II Shishkin, MI Tsvetaeva.

A memorable topographic point near Yelabuga – “ Devil ‘s ” hill – the remains of a bastioned colony of tribes the 2nd half. I millennium BC At 5 kilometer from the metropolis on the river Toima is universe celebrated memorial of the I millennium BC, Ananyinsky entombment land, which gave the name of an full civilization of the epoch of Fe.BulgariansAt 140 kilometer from Kazan on the left bank of the Volga River from a distance one could see the silhouettes of the white rock ruins. It is the leftovers of the Great Bulgaria – one of the largest metropoliss of once-powerful province of Volga Bulgaria. Today this topographic point is the small town of Bulgarians and a huge hill – an architectural memorial of X-XV centuries. This historic land of the Volga Tatars, known in the Muslim universe as the “ Mecca of North ” – a topographic point of pilgrim’s journey for trusters.

BiliarskaAt 150 kilometer from Kazan is the capital of the ancient province of Volga Bulgaria – Bilyar. In the locality of Bilyar is an extraordinary topographic point, situated in a beautiful wood at the pes of the mountain “ Huzhalar tavy. From the hill stands out crystal clear spring H2O, converted into a topographic point of worship and called the “ Holy-key. It is the religious centre, where coexist beliefs and patterns of the three faiths: Paganism, Islam and Christianity.Peter and Paul CathedralWas erected in 1726 by merchandiser Mikhlyaev in memory of his visit Kazan Peter I.

The complex consists of the bell tower and the edifice of the cathedral. The cathedral was built under the influence of stylistic waies, known as the Moscow Baroque. Unusually rich architectural, sculptural and pictural ornament does non go against, and emphasizes the constructive strategy of the edifice. There is besides preserved and intricately decorated with carven and gilded wooden iconostasis ( the first floor. Eighteen century ) .


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