Should women be in management positions? Essay

Should women be in management positions? Should we push the issue?      Women, for centuries have been known as the weaker sex. They have been kept to the background and men have always been at the fore front of activities from the family level, through to community level and the national level. The traditional responsibility of a woman is to take care of the house and raise children.

It took a great battle on the part of some great women both in the United Kingdom and the USA before women could have equal access to education and even to exercise their votes on national issues.   The beginning of this century has seen a great move in the emancipation of women. In the corporate world, women such as Mary Kay of Mary Kay cosmetics, have built huge business and managed them well. There is also case of Cristy Varela, co-owner of Ron E. Varela Company Inc, an excavating and grading company in the United States. (www.

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order now On the  political front, the United States has seen women in great and responsible positions e.g Madeleine Albright, who served as the secretary of state during the Clinton administration.  Presently, Condoleezza Rice is the secretary of state in the Bush administration.

  Angela Merkel is the current prime minister of Germany. The examples cited above shows that women have the ability to be leaders in their various chosen fields.  At the core of every leadership position is the practice of management; and the key function here is managing people through a set of management systems.

    I can positively assert that women must be in management positions; the evidence is there that they can make their mark. Women organizations should advocate for women to take up management positions and women must also be educated to break of their limitation and accept responsibilities.


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