Should Tourists Be Restricted from Areas of Natural Beauty Essay

Topic: Should tourists be restricted from areas of natural beauty? Tourism is a large and fast-growing part of any economy. However, the number of tourists is rapidly increasing so it can destroy and cause serious damage to the naturally beautiful places where they visit.

Therefore, there are many opinions suggesting the governments should set rules about restricting areas toward tourists. This essay will focus on two important reasons why tourists should be restricted from areas of natural beauty. First and foremost, the nature is an essential part of natural places.However, the number of tourists keeps increasing more and more and the result is that they have distorted these places. Due to the increased of traveller, many tourism’s facilities such as hotels, restaurants and visitor centres or campsites was built to give tourists the best services, it causes many problems of water and soil pollution which can seriously impact biodiversity in natural areas.

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In addition, transportation by planes, cars or ships can cause air pollution, it can lead to the change of climate.For example, the weather becomes hot and dry in wetland areas, the animals and plants in those areas find it hard to survive. As the result, the places will be vanished. Therefore, the governments should restrain the tourists from natural areas for the benefits of local species. The second reason for restricting tourists from areas of natural beauty is that the beautiful places should be saved for the next generation. If these places are destroyed, young people wouldn’t know how wonderful it was.

They have to live in an ugly and polluted world.Take the Cambri waterfall in Da Lat, which is the flower city of Vietnam, for an example. Five years ago, this waterfall was really a natural beauty. It liked a symbol of Da Lat and attracted many tourists, both domestic and international tourists. However, because many tourists carelessly threw rubbish into the place, the Cambri waterfall was destroyed. Da lat have lost one of the beautiful places and also had less number of tourists each year.

More important that the young people can’t see its beauty and have less interest in those places.Therefore, the natural beauty protection is important for future generation. In conclusion, tourists should be prevented from moving unlimitedly around natural sites to preserve the future life of humanbeings and avoid other species becoming extinct. If the tourists continue repeating these carelessly actions, a lot of natural scenery will be seriously damaged. Therefore, it’s time for the governments, the local people as well as the tourists to work out the solutions to protect naturally beautiful places.


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