Should There Be Stricter Laws On Pornography Essay

? Essay, Research PaperShould There Be Stricter Laws on Pornography?Three articles have opposing point of views on Torahs refering erotica.All three writers argue their side of this issue while holding many of the samethoughts as their opposing authors. The first is, & # 8220 ; I am a First Amendment Junkie & # 8221 ; ,by Susan Jacoby.

Susan has written many articles on adult females & # 8217 ; s issues for popularmagazines such as Glamour, McCalls, and The Nation. This article appeared inher syndicated & # 8220 ; Hers & # 8221 ; column in 1978. Jacoby believes that certain limitationson erotica would be a misdemeanor of the first amendment. The 2nd articleis, & # 8220 ; Report of the President & # 8217 ; s Commission on Obscenity and Pornography ( MinorityReport ) & # 8221 ; . This is a study that was submitted by minority members of adisturbance that was established by Congress in 1967.

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This disturbance was designedto analyze the impact of lewdness and erotica on American life. The concludingarticle is & # 8220 ; Let & # 8217 ; s put Pornography Back in the Closet & # 8221 ; by Susan Brownmiller.Brownmiller is a Journalist, Women & # 8217 ; s rights militant, and a laminitis of Womenagainst Pornography.

This article appeared in Newsday, a Long Island newspaperin 1979, and in Take Back the Night, a aggregation of essays against erotica.These articles are geared towards audiences who have an involvement in the issue oferotica.Despite the writers contrasting point of views, there are many similarities.Brownmiller feels that erotica is the consequence of adult females & # 8217 ; s organic structures beingdehumanized for pleasance.

She besides feels that erotica is commerciallypublicizing the female organic structure being raped, tortured and mutilated. The committeeagrees and argues that this type of erotica should be censured to forestallmoral corruptness. If this does non go on, kids trained with eroticawill non be able to fall in love. Although Jacoby strongly agrees with theforemost amendment, she besides agrees that erotica can go a bigger menace toadult females than the right of free address. She adds that non all erotica fallsinto this class.The three writers agree that the first amendment should non letobscene erotica.

Brownmiller feels that the legislative assembly should be able tomake up one’s mind what is obscene by comparing it to the community criterions of today.Jacoby adds that even adult females who support the first amendment agree thaterotica should non be tolerated. The first amendment should non letcertain signifiers of endangering or degrading signifiers of address. The committeestudies showed grounds that a bulk of the American populace feels that thereshould be tighter limitations on erotica. One hundred grownups wereinterviewed on their feelings toward this issue. Eighty-five of them felt thatthere should be tougher province and local Torahs refering erotica being sentthrough the mail. Seventy-six felt that there should be stricter Torahsrefering the types of magazines and newspapers sold over the counter.

Although there are many similar thoughts among the three articles, thereare besides many differences between them. Brownmiller provinces, & # 8220 ; In 1973 stuffswere judged obscene if they depict obviously violative, hard-core sexual behavior ;lack serious scientific, literary, artistic or political value ; and appeal tothe lubricious involvement of an mean individual as measured by modern-day communitycriterions & # 8221 ; ( 573 ) . It used to be obvious to find if something waspornographic. Today it is a multi-million dollar concern. On the other manusJacoby argues that censoring can be judged on a rational footing than othersbelieve. Not all bare magazines are excessively obscene. In fact, certain filmsare more obscene and parents take their 10 to 14 twelvemonth olds to see them. Anillustration of this is the film & # 8220 ; Looking for Mr.

Goodbar & # 8221 ; . This film sends outthe message that insouciant sex peers decease. The concluding point of view by the committeesays that colzas were up 93 % from 1960-1969. It besides says that colza apprehensions wereup 56.6 % in the same clip period. Despite this grounds, the committee claimsthat it is impossible to turn out that erotica leads to later sex offenses.

Theybesides add that empirical research can non specify a dependable manner to turn out thatexposure to explicit sexual stuffs causes delinquent or condemnable behaviouramong young person or grownups.Although all three column were effectual in showing their side ofthe issue, Susan Jacoby & # 8217 ; s article, & # 8220 ; I am a First Amendment Junkie & # 8221 ; , had the bestgrounds to carry her audience. She did non demo any prejudice in her statement.She had a good defined limitations of what should and should non be namedobscene.

She covered all countries of both sides of this issue and stated what shefelt was right. This is a effectual manner to draw readers into your article andacquire them to take your side.361


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