Should Students Work? Essay

Why Students Should Have A Job: Teenagers should be able to have a job while they go to school. Having a job gives students the opportunity to learn life skills such as time management, financial responsibility, social skills, and also learn about the responsibilities of an adult. These skills transit into adulthood and could be not learned to the same extend without a job. When working and going to school, teenagers learn to manage their time wisely, which is an important skill that will be used throughout their lives.Students learn how to balance school, work, and their social life. This gives students a concept of time and how it must be managed. Having a job gives students financial responsibility.

This responsibility, educates students on the value of the dollar. It also makes students aware of how fortunate they are to have parents pay for their basic needs. This awareness should be in the minds of every student as it diminishes greediness, and selfishness. Students learn important social skills when they have part time jobs.They learn how to communicate with others, such as the public or fellow co- workers. This skill transits into adulthood as it is always necessary. This skill could not be learned without a job as students do not typically deal with persons out of their age group. Getting a job in high school prepares students for the real world.

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Students are treated as adults. They learn that there is a consequence for their actions that they are solely responsible for.By taking a part time job, students take on the role of an adult which makes them more responsible and mature. High school students should be able to have a part time job. A part time job will prepare students for their future.

Students will become more financially aware and learn about time management, valuable social skills, and the responsibilities of an adult. Such skills will help them grow into mature young adults that would not have been without part time jobs. Why Students Shouldn’t Have Part Time Jobs: By: Josee CederwallStudents shouldn’t have part time jobs.

A part time job gives absorbent amounts of financial freedom, distracts students from their academics, reduces students social lives, and makes students money oriented. A part time job only takes away from students lives. Having a part time job distracts students from their studies. According to researchers Kusum Singh, Sandra Dika, and Mido Chang from the Journal of Educational Research, “Students who work longer hours are likely to display less engagement, less motivation, and less effort to learn”.When motivation in school decreases, students seek rewards outside of school. They lose focus on what’s really important which is their education. Getting a job in high school gives large, unnecessary amounts of financial freedom. Parents should be the ones paying for their child’s expenses.

When the parents pay, this gives them control on what their child is buying and may therefore reduce the chances of the student getting involved in alcohol and drugs. Having a job in high reduces the student’s social life.When balancing school and work, very little room is left for friends. Social development is an important part of a teenager’s life and is not something that should be neglected. According to Joseph Galper, the importance of socialization was rated 85% in the U.

S. A. Students should not be getting part time jobs. These jobs reduce students social lives, gives them unnecessary financial freedom, and distracts them from their studies. A job is a liability that takes away from students lives.


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