Should realize competing isn’t so bad after

Should kids be in competitive sports? Yes. Many people dispute if kids should be able to play competitive sports but I think yes because it creates a positive future especially in countries where obesity is high. Competitive sports teaches many things to kids, for an example assurance and less likely to be obese or lack of giving up easily.   Keeping kids healthy and active through their childhood can prevent problems in the future. In a country of fast food obesity levels are high, about 300,000 die related to obesity and that’s just America alone. It’s shocking to think people are scared their child will die from some crazy sport but that’s rare compared to 300,000 dies every year related to obesity. Many kids are motivated to eat healthier foods such as fruits and veggies.

When you play competitive sports you burn off calories and you have a healthier lifestyle.    Competitive sports prevents and help you in the future, I know because I use to play in a competitive sport. When you play in a competitive sport you have more confidence, self esteem and a good body image. Playing in competitive sports teaches you to manage your nerves. So that’s why your confidence at every other thing naturally because you already learned how to manage your nerves. How this happens is kids will fear competition at first but once they realize competing isn’t so bad after all.

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Competing in sports teaches us to take risks because it teaches kids to develop their confidence and do things that are difficult or challenging.    Competition causes kids to do better in school. Studies showed kids having higher grades consistently and are less likely to drop out.

 When you compete in sports you have a high self esteem of yourself and a good body image all ends towards to a healthy lifestyle. When kids do competitive sports they show grit. They never give up easily and always put in their best effort. Kids can get hurt but what hurts you makes you stronger.    In conclusion, kids should be in competitive sports or participate in sports because it causes the chance of less likely being obese and more self esteem.



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