Should Parent Whoop Kids Essay

To start this paper out I want to make it know that discipline and punishing your kids are to different think but they coordinate with each other. My view on this is yes because all children need correction in their life so they can stay on the right path. There are many different way that you can discipline your child. They are basically four kinds of punishment physical, verbal withholding rewards and penalties. Through this essay I will explain the view point on why there shouldn’t be a problem with spanking children.Physical punishment is when you spank your child for doing something when they aren’t supposed to do as the child gets older the spanking progress from a tap on the hand to a belt on the rear end. This category includes slapping, spanking, switching, paddling, and using a belt or hair brush. Some parent may say that they might not spank there child know but as they get older they might try new thing.

But there are different result for different children some might not need a spanking.You spank your child to helps them learn to control their behavior so that they act according to their ideas of what is right and wrong. Even in the bible the bible even bring out scripture to get you to know a little spanking want heart anyone it would just sit them on a correction path. We made a commandment that thou shall get the rod so that you want spoil the child which not mean that every time a child ask for something or cry you spank them it meant that when your child is acting up throwing a temper tantrum you show them what they need at that time.

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My example of get spanked is when I was in seventh grade I used to get in trouble a lot. There was a time when I overheard a janitor talking about something that was going on in the girls bathroom I went in the class and said y’all girl nasty and told them why. I got in trouble by the teacher she asked for my dad number I lied and said I didn’t know it so.

I got in trouble with my dad and the teacher my dad got a paddle from the principal and a room and he took matter in his own hand and he gave me a spanking.It taught me a lesson I never yelled or said anything that an adult was talking I try to stay away from the incident. When I was doing my research Dr. David Safir a California-based pediatrician, father of five and grandfather of five, and asked him to talk to us about his views on spanking. “He said he was spanked as a child, spanked his own children when necessary and believes the occasional use of physical punishment — not abuse — can be an effective tool for parents” written by CNNhealth. com expert Dr. Jennifer Shu.

I looked up the definition of spanking and it is to strike a person usually a child with the open hand a slipper or any to hit especially on the buttocks, as in punishment. So there could be many different reason why a person pick up a slipper or belt to spank there child but it should never be done out of anger or when you are drunk or haughty. Then it changes from discipline to abuse. Scientist conducts polls to see what people think about the spanking of children. There was this one poll of people with minors at home, 50 percent report that they sometimes spank their child, while 45 percent do not.It not a law that you have to spank your child you have freedom of speech and will but you shouldn’t put your view out on other people.

When I was talking to some older member of society about this they told me back in my day we used to not only get spanking at home but the principal was able to spank us. I wonder what happen to that time. Spanking at school is allowed in 23 states. Some people that dis agree with the banning of spanking at school has said that spanking is matter of tradition and good old-fashioned discipline.Even though spanking is used for discipline research as spanking can increase aggressiveness in children and can even hurt the mental development of young children. ( By YUNJI De NIES (@yunjid) March 16, 2012) So once again a spanking isn’t a beating it is a couple of striking on the buttock area. The U.

S. Department of Education has reported that school-sanctioned spanking is most prevalent in Southern state. If you asked citizen around the world today two simple question. Why do you spank your children or why do you think your parent spanked you?The answer would vary a lot.

I asked my parent that question and there answers was different my dad said that his mom and spanked him cause he was hard headed and him and his brothers would always get in to trouble. My mom’s answer was that she would get in trouble if her responsibilities in the house weren’t done so she learned really early that if she clean then she wouldn’t get the buttocks spanked. My dad wasn’t too much lucky he would do the same thing but in a different way so he got spanked a little different.


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