Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Should Nj Raise Driving Age Research Essay

Should Nj Raise Driving Age Research Essay

Should Nj Raise Driving Age Essay, Research Paper

A familiar inquiry heard in places across America is & # 8220 ; can I borrow the auto & # 8221 ; . To most that phrase does non intend anything, but to households who have gone through a period of heartache, due to the doomed of a loved one, would believe twice earlier replying that inquiry. Many experts say that adolescents are a menace to roadways, but sixteen-year-olds are the one to watch out for. Why point the finger at sixteen-year-olds? These groups of adolescents are three times every bit likely to be killed in a clang, but non to state that other adolescent drivers are harmless. Teenage drivers make up 12 and a half per centum of the drive force, but history for 30 per centum of all motor vehicle accidents ( State of Maine 2 ) . There are many differences between sixteen-year-old drivers and drivers between the age of 17 and 19. The chief ground why sixteen-year-olds create more mayhem on the roadways is because they lack the excess experience that older drivers have. In about 40 per centum of all teenage crashes the driver was rushing ( P.A.S.T. 1 ) . Since 43 per centum of all adolescent drive is done between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. , adolescents tend to drive faster, due to the unfastened roads ( P.A.S.T. 1 ) . The roads are non as condensed at dark as they are at some times during the twenty-four hours, doing it easier to rush. Fifty-seven per centum of all accidents occur on rural roads another ground why teens do non waver before hurrying.

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Failure to maintain in the proper lane, running off the route and failure to utilize a place belt are the most common in adolescent clangs. Over crowding is another ground why adolescent clang rates are so high. Many adolescents have friends who can non drive, hence overcrowding is common. Overcrowding is a job because the driver can lose concentration from the disturbance caused in the auto. In 33 per centum of all accidents caused by sixteen-year-olds there were three or more people present in the vehicle, compared to 37 per centum by 17 through nineteen-year-olds. Many people think that the adolescent clang rates are high due to alcohol and drugs, but as statistics show that is non necessary the instance. In all accidents caused by sixteen-year-olds in 1993 five per centum of them were intoxicated ( Washington Post Z13 ) . In 28 per centum of clangs caused by 17 through nineteen-year-olds intoxicant played a major function.

Property harm is one of many effects of careless adolescent driving. There was an estimated $ 52.1 billion in belongings harm by adolescents in 1996. The most serious consequence of hapless adolescent drive is human deaths. More adolescents die in car accidents so drugs, self-destruction, and homicides. In 1996 6,319 teens, aged 15 to twenty, died in auto accidents. This figure is tantamount to one decease every 64 proceedingss ( P.A.S.T. 1 ) . Obviously, careless drive can non be tolerated and loss of licence is an option used often by functionaries.

Plans such as the graduated driver system have been created to do certain childs have adequate cognition about driving. With the graduated driver system, drivers go through gradual procedures with a end to obtain a no limitation licence. The first halt of the graduated driver system is the scholars permit. During this phase the driver can merely run a vehicle under grownup supervising. This period besides includes basic driver instruction and no clangs and misdemeanor can be made. After finishing

the license phase, the driver obtains an intermediate licence. Fewer limitations are imposed at this phase. The driver is now able to drive unsupervised during daylight hours. This period may include advanced driver instruction and continues with nothing driver mistake tolerance. At the concluding phase the driver obtains a no limitations license. This system has shown positive consequences because it expands the acquisition procedure, reduces bad exposure, and enhances motive for safe drive ( N.H.T.S.A. 2-3 ) .

Public schools besides offer a driver instruction plan. This plan requires all pupils, aged 15 and supra, to take a compulsory class on driving. Many functionaries say that the school driver instruction plan force per unit areas teens to obtain a license at an early age. A concluding option which many provinces have adapted to is the probationary licence

( Time 56 ) . The probationary licence is a impermanent licence, which a driver uses for up one to two old ages. After the driver shows adulthood a regular licence will be handed out.

Many parents think that the province should be more involved with this moral issue. The province statute law has to beef up current Torahs and Torahs modulating when novice drivers can drive. States with nighttime driving limitations and curfews for immature novitiate drivers, like New Jersey, have fewer clang rates. The DMV should oversee school driving categories every bit good as driver instruction plans ( Washington Trial 117 ) . Many pupils in poorer school territories are non acquiring the same instruction as other pupils. States should besides make harder written and route trial. Many pupils pass the written portion because they are able to take it every bit many times as necessary. The route trial is reasonably easy to go through because it does non imitate an existent drive environment.

Adolescents are a menace to the general public assistance. Obviously, due to the deficiency of experience six-teen twelvemonth olds will hold higher clang rates so seven-teen twelvemonth olds. That annual does do a difference. If New Jersey does increase the licensing age ; province clang rates will be lowered. The figure of clangs will bit by bit diminish each twelvemonth with the add-on of new plans and Torahs. While driver instruction and drive accomplishments are of import, that entirely can non work out the job. Parents, province, community, and adolescents must work together and seek a comprehensive attack to the job. Parents and teens must understand when the clip is right to accept the of import privilege of driving to do future old ages of driving more gratifying.

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