Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay Research Paper

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay, Research PaperShould Marijuana be Legalized?& # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s like leaping into the ocean even though you can & # 8217 ; t swim. Don & # 8217 ; t get down and you won & # 8217 ; Ts have to quit. & # 8221 ; These are the words of Jeff. A 37 twelvemonth old adult male who smoked pot field-grade officer 17 old ages. Jeff & # 8217 ; s place in the affair is really similar to the place of many others who are toally against legalising marihuana ; Marijuana is drug that should doubtless non be legalized.

At his point in the conflict the anti-marijuana protagonists are decidedly in the lead in this old argument. Te inquiry to this is why? Most of the grounds against marijuana semen from the old stereotypes hat show users as lazy & # 8220 ; hippy & # 8221 ; types and new positions and statistics that show that marihuana usage as gone up during the 1890ss. One thing throughout the whole argument that has ever remained changeless is that the statements tend to roll from the scientific fact and alternatively tilt more towardssociety & # 8217 ; s position of the drug and the personal sentiments of those involved in the argument.The ground why this issue has been so difficult to decide is that there are a battalion of statements back uping both sides of the coin. The 60 & # 8217 ; s was the clip when marihuana became accepted as a common societal drug. The station 60 & # 8217 ; s epoch was when the proposed legalizing of marihuanas started off. The first statement for decriminilizing marihuana was the statement that it would be devestating for the economic system to hold to seek out an approximative 13 million marihuana users and at the same clip incarcerating these same users. ( McVay pg 147 ) 13 million is a big per centum of the population and that of class could non be had.

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Money besides plays an of import factor for the statement back uping the legaliztion of marihuana. Having possesion of marihuana as a condemnable discourtesy costs the revenue enhancement remunerators one million millions of dollars. All this money goes into anti-drug advertizement and action programs, the enforcing of the jurisprudence, and of class all the money spent to maintain all the marijuana drug wrongdoers in our prison system. ( McVay pg156 ) This money would be much better suited for action against drugs that are much more harmful like cleft cocaine, LSD, and diacetylmorphine. The money saved could besides be put into advertisement and action against marihuana. The key would be to legalise it but to set out a message that marihuana is as bad for your wellness as are coffin nails, and seeing as coffin nails arelegal, why International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t marijuana. Research besides found that the sick effects of marihuanas are really similar to those of coffin nails. This will give those who are seeking to direct out the message that marihuana is bad a head start when it comes to calculating out ways to seek and educate society about the negative short and long term abuse a marihuana.

Surveies have shown that even though intoxicant is legal in the U.K. the sum of people mistreating have gone down thanks to education on intoxicant.

Besides portion of the temptingness of marihuana to immature people is the demand to arise against either their parents or against society as a whole. Ad of the drug should be illegal though. In order for the anti-marijuana instruction system to work, the authorities must do certain that there will be no advertisement of the merchandise. This could do for marihuana to go excessively sociallyrecognized and them perchance go the popular thing to make.

Health issues are besides a really of import facet when reasoning the point that marihuana should be legalized. There is ne’er any warrant as to the contents of the marihuana that is being bought off of drug traders. Opportunities are that this marihuana can incorporate many other assorted substances that are even worse for your wellness. If the authorities were to hold control of the production of marihuana it would extinguish the drug traders and the merchandise that the consumers are having would be more pure and hold a much less opportunity of being tampered with. With the merchandising of marihuana by the authorities the costs would be much lower because there would be no greed factor coming from the authoritiess side whereas drug traders can bear down what of all time they want for the merchandise and will typically do the monetary value high to fulfill their ain greed. At this point everyone would be purchasing their marihuana from the authorities and it would be easier for the authorities to maintain the marijuana out of the custodies of bush leagues by implementing age limitations on the buying of marihuana merely as they do with coffin nails.The young person of today is having many assorted messages as to the use of marihuana as compared to other harder drugs. Because all these drugs are illegal many users use marihuana as a stepping rock to the difficult drugs like rapture, mushrooms, cocaine, diacetylmorphine, etc & # 8230 ; If marihuana was to be legal it would set up the spread between a soft drug like marihuana and difficult drugs and stop much of the confusion that younger maltreaters of the drugs feel towards what is good and what is bad.

Though many grounds to legalise marihuanas exist there are besides really many grounds for the contrary. In today & # 8217 ; s society there is no existent scientific reasearch which shows that marijuana really helps remedy or aide the bring arounding procedure of any of the diseases that it is supposed to help. If marihuanas were to be legalized it would still hold to travel through all the strict proving that any other new drug would hold to travel through merely so that it could be prescribed by physicians or sold at pharmaceuticss. ( www. ) The opportunities of this occurrence is rather slender although sing the undermentioned medical grounds:Marijuana contains more than 450 chemicals, including 66 cannabinoids & # 8212 ; the THC chemicals at give marihuana its mind-altering effects.Today & # 8217 ; s marihuana is 10 times every bit potent as the marihuana of 20 old ages ago.It takes 5-8 yearss for merely half the THC in a individual marihuana coffin nail to unclutter from the organic structure.Chronic marihuana usage causes loss of short term memory.

The chemicals in marihuana alter the individual & # 8217 ; s perceptual experiences. Users say it enhances their public presentation, but controlled trials prove the opposite.Smoking pot carries all the hazards of smoking coffin nails. Marijuana causes much more harm to the lungs ; it contains 2-3 times as much pitch as coffin nails. ( www. )Another of import issue is the possible dependence to the substance and the societal consequence it has on its users. Marijuana causes a definite deficiency of motive. If the legalisation of marihuana increases the figure of users would that intend there would be a great encephalon drain of thpossible young persons and already skilled workers that are viing for occupations and for college and university credences.

The fact that marijuana being a soft drug besides leads to the common idea that it is used as a gateway drug to harder and more harmful drugs. Peoples willconstantly use marihuanas and so finally go desensitized to effects and so in the pursuit for the & # 8220 ; better bombilation & # 8221 ; , look at harder drugs to fulfill their demands.After researching both sides of this issue, I & # 8217 ; ve concluded that there is more ground for marihuana to be legalized than non. An existent survey conducted by the French authorities showed that marihuana ranked in the least unsafe class when compared to other drugs including intoxicant and baccy.

It was considered & # 8220 ; weak & # 8221 ; for societal jeopardy and addictiveness every bit good as & # 8220 ; really weak & # 8221 ; for general toxicity and nothing for neurotoxicity. Alcohol was at the really top of the list in these classs. (

html ) Sing that intoxicant is wholly legal, why shouldn & # 8217 ; t marijuana be? Most police cheifs will acknowledge that marihuana is non a serious cause for concern. I beleive it is more the politicians that are keeping back the legalisation of the substance. An analogy that I was one time told decidedly sticks in my caput when I consider this issue. What would you instead hold? A football squad, out partying after a game, imbibing a batch of intoxicant, doing a raucus where of all time they are, perchance acquiring violent, and so driving place rummy, jeopardizing their lives every bit good as others.

The other side would be these same participants smoking some weed and merely hanging out at a house, telling some pizza, all relaxed and non doing any jobs. State me which one would be easier for the constabulary to manage. I believe it & # 8217 ; s clip for the authoritiess to get down looking at some of the cold difficult facts refering the issue and possibly doing some via media as to whether or non this now illegal substance called marihuana should be legalized.342


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