Should Marijuana Be Legal Essay Research Paper

Should Marijuana Be Legal Essay, Research PaperShould Marijuana Be LegalThis is a subject that has become a spot of concern amongst people in the past few old ages. Marijuana has been illegal since the early 1900? s, but recently scientists have figured out that there are some utilizations of marihuanas that could profit people in demand, people who are ill of deathly diseases such as AIDSs, multiple induration, and malignant neoplastic disease. These are all diseases that are difficult for anyone to travel through, particularly without assistance that helps the hurting and wretchedness from discontinuing. Forbiding marihuana has merely made things worse, by increasing the monetary value of marihuana, the illegal use, and the money spent on seeking to discontinue its usage.Abraham Lincoln one time said two quotation marks about prohibition, ? Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of ground in that it attempts to command a adult male? s appetency by statute law and makes offenses out of things that are non offenses, ? and? A prohibition jurisprudence strikes a blow at the really principles upon which our authorities was founded.

? I believe that he is right for saying that we have rights and they should non be taken for granted. He may hold non been believing of marihuana when he made his address, but it involves prohibition, intending prohibition in general and of any sort.The first harvest of American hemp was grown in 1611 ( Grinspoon 11 ) . However, the modern pattern of smoking marihuana was non introduced until the 1920? s. This was a clip of drug intolerance. America was in the phases of the prohibition of intoxicant run. Marijuana was introduced and smoked by the early immigrants. In the 1930? s it was a common belief that immigrants were inhumane and violent, so these attitudes were associated and blamed on the marihuana.

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By 1931 all but two provinces had anti-marijuana statute law. By 1937 all provinces had prohibited marihuana usage and made it illegal to hold anything to make with this drug. No research was of all time made on marihuana at this clip or its effects. Peoples merely believed in premises made about marihuana, such things as it provoked violent offense and caused insanity.

Schemes of contending marihuanas were silence and hyperbole. Peoples believed that by non stating their kids about marihuana, so they would non go funny and non experiment with it. In the 1930? s it was deemed that schools could non speak about marihuana. The Motion Picture Association of America banned all movies that showed narcotics from 1934-1956 ( Musto 46 ) . This attack did non work so people rapidly moved onto the following measure, hyperbole.

The intent of overstating was to frighten possible users from seeking marihuana. The American Journal of Medicine one time wrote, ? Marijuana users will all of a sudden turn with homicidal force upon whoever is nearest to them ( Musto 44 ) .One modern cause of prohibition was the belief that if the marihuana policy was relaxed, so more people would utilize marihuana. In 1984 countrywide use was at 26.3 % . In the 11 provinces that decriminalized it it was 27.3 % .

In 1988 countrywide usage was 15.4 % and the 11 provinces was at 16.1 % . The statistics show that by forbiding it or leting it, the usage would be one and the same. Holland is another illustration of the consequence of legalising marihuana.

Holland legalized marihuana in 1976 and since so they have had a 40 % decrease in marihuana users. Another statistic, in 1979 68.2 % of the population of 18-25 twelvemonth olds had tried marihuanas at least one time, and 30 % were users. Those Numberss are down now to 50 % and 13 % , but the point is that after 30 old ages the drug is still being attained. Now if the intent of forbiding marihuana is to extinguish its usage, so prohibition has failed.Prohibition has accomplished some things, one being it has made condemnable drug traders richer. The hazards of trafficking marihuana has increased, therefore enabling these people raise the monetary value of weed, which increases their net incomes. Second, marihuana has caused taxpayers enormous sums of money on constabularies, tribunal costs, and gaols.

Last, it has torn apart households with members that use marihuanas. Did you know that 58 % ofmarihuana criminals have no relevant anterior offense history, 91 % were non considered organisers, leaders, directors, or supervisors, and 92 % did non even ain guns ( Schlosser 93 ) . Now what does this state about our judicial system to set away people such as these. I believe that we have far more of import things to worry approximately. The mean clip served in prison for selling marihuana is four old ages, compared with merely one twelvemonth for colza or manslaughter.

So seemingly this proves that drug offenses are more of import than violent offenses. It treats drugs as more of import than God-given constitutionally protected rights.A manner to look at marihuana in a positive point of position is to look at it for its medical intents. In 1972, the federal authorities had an extended research of marihuana and found that there is no physically habit-forming traits.

Dr. Jack Henningfield of the National Institute on Drug Abuse? s Addiction Research Center and Dr. Neal Benowitz, Of the University of California, ranked six drugs: heroine, cocaine, nicotine, intoxicant, caffeine, and marihuanas, on their ability to bring forth psychological dependance. Nicotine was found to be the most addicting, and marijuana the least. Not merely did marijuana rank as the least habit-forming, but it besides ranked least likely to acquire a tolerance, and least likely to demo marks of withdraw after discontinuing smoking marihuana ( Schlosser 92 ) . In comparing marihuana to alcohol and tobacco you see that intoxicant causes cirrhosis of the liver, cigarettes cause lung malignant neoplastic disease, or the field fact that both are carcinogens which speed up all malignant neoplastic diseases. Looking at this you could see that marihuana is non that different from things that are legal today.

Alcohol and baccy have no good points to them, they are harmful and are taking more lives everyday. Alcohol is the factor of half of all main road human deaths, half of all apprehensions, half of all homicides, and a 4th of all self-destructions ( National 15 ) . So ask yourself this, how much worse is weed truly?In January of 1997, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy asked the Institute of Medicine to carry on a reappraisal of the scientific grounds to measure the possible benefits and hazards of marihuana and its constitutional cannabinoids.

They found that marijuana fume contains 39 cannabinoid drugs, THC being the most common one. The cannabinoids in marihuana are effectual interventions for symptoms such as hurting alleviation, control of sickness and emesis, and appetite stimulation. It can besides cut down anxiousness, can do sedation, and euphory.

The most inauspicious consequence is reduced psychomotor public presentation, intending it is unsafe to run heavy equipment or cars. Patients would non be making this anyway, the serious 1s that are utilizing it. There is no grounds that usage causes malignant neoplastic disease. Dependence on the substance is rare, and withdraw symptoms are mild and ephemeral. There are 30 symptoms for which people are presently claiming that marihuana aid, nevertheless at that place has non been any surveies on them.

Although, it is known that marihuana helps muscle cramps for multiple induration sick persons.In shutting, I hope that you have a better apprehension of marihuana as a whole, maintaining aside from the biass and long-run stereotypes. I believe that the authorities should freely educate all they want on the effects of utilizing marihuana. The authorities should non be allowed to state if one can or can non pattern that behaviour in the privateness of their place. Peoples should be allowed to make whatever they please every bit long as it doesn? Ts straight harm person else. We should be allowed freedom of pick merely like Lincoln said, ? And forbiding this freedom strikes a blow at the really principles upon which our authorities was founded.

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