Should High School Education in China Be Free? Essay

Ancient philosopher Confucius, who was considered the first professional teacher in China, opened an old-style private school in his hometown. The school enrolled more 3,000 students, and those students just paid a symbolic tuition fee as some crops and meat. The old-style private school has been followed for more than 2000 years. Therefore, the simplest and best way to disseminate knowledge is free education. China had a nine years’ compulsory education but it is not advance with the times now.

China should extend years for the compulsory education that free education to senior high school students.With high school free education, students will have equal opportunities to be educated, focus on learning and improving, and improve the standard of living. Let’s look at those benefits of high school free education.

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Provide equal opportunities Free education of senior high school can also provide equal opportunities as the normal kid to the poor. In the past time, only wealthy people had chance to receive education, but some poor people could not. Now, everyone has right to get knowledge. Free education is a key to open the doors of hope for some smart and poor teenagers.They can have the equal opportunity as the riches to be educated. In the article, “Free education provides equal opportunities” reported that the government of China had released a newly plan of education that providing equal opportunities in education.

The government will expend more power to resolve ingrained problems as extend free education. In many Chinese parents’ mind, if their children have a good and equal beginning in education, it will have a lot of means and benefits for a child’s future (Zhang Jingya, 2010).We can assure that some intelligent and poor students can gain the equal chances through free education.

Free education provides some advantages to those people who deserve it and cherish it. In today’ society, everybody wants to have a brighter future, so it is not humanized to lose the better future because of the economic problem. Everyone has the chance to have a comfortable life and the only way to make it come true is to have enough knowledge. If the society can provide an equal chance for the teen that do not have the condition to be educated, they will offer society a better tomorrow.Focus on learning and Improving Free education of senior high school will help the teenagers focus on learning and improving. China promulgated the law on compulsory education in 1986. The government should provide a nine years compulsory education that school should be free of tuition fees and other expenses for all young people. If China extends years for the compulsory education to high school students, it will help some students without worry about the payment of tuition fees and other expenses.

They should focus on learning and receiving more knowledge.For example, in the article “China pledges elimination of rural compulsory education charges in two years”, author says that in some places that particularly in the impoverished rural regions, the law of compulsory education didn’t executed because local government couldn’t cost. Many schools are forcing for continue to collect expenses and charge various miscellaneous fees on their students as voluntary donations, fund-raising for school construction, and after-school tutoring fees (March 5, 2006).

Free high school education will help students to pay more attention to learning not the economic hardship of their family.Furthermore, teenagers in senior high school age are about the puberty. That means they are not mature enough in their body and mind. They can’t distinguish the right or wrong in a very advisable way like the adult.

As the reason of that, if they give up attending high school because of the economic problem and entering society too early they may lose their way. It is so easy that they make a mistake which will influence their entire life, like involved in a crime. The free education of high school can change this situation.

It is better to keep the teenagers in school so they can learn more knowledge and mature their outlook on life.Improve the standard of living Free education of senior high school can improve the standard of living. Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power”.

This kind of power should make people’s life more wonderful and colorful because knowledge can produce many things. Free high school education would help more people have higher education. In the article, “Knowledge Changes Fate”, the author said that knowledge becomes the most significant content of human’s life. It contributes a lot in the economic, welfare and culture of the society.The foundation that supports the movie “Knowledge Changes Fate” wants to express the theme that the only way to change your fate is to be educated and get more knowledge (Li kasheng, 1999). When people are high educated, they would have more chances to achieve their dreams and plans.

Obviously, higher education can help people to win the fierce competition and earns more money. They can live the life better by being successful. When people have higher education, people will think about to improve their personal cultivation after eliminate the struggle for basic needs.

As they feel satisfied about their own life, they will do some society works and volunteering and concern more issues which like the society problems and environment problems. Therefore, more free education would have positive and upward influences for the overall quality and minding in the society. Conclusion As all of the content of the essay states, free education of senior high school can advantage our society by many different ways. It can provide an equal opportunity to the teen that cannot bear the cost of education, help the teen to focus on learning and improving, and improve the whole living standard of the society.Although China is a powerful and prosperous country today, our education system still has many leaks need to improve and the most urgent is the free education. If the expectation of free education comes true, China will step in a brand new future. The ancient philosopher Confucius enrolled almost 3000 students and he only charged the tuition fee of some crops and meat as the free education.

How the ancient can do this kind of free education, but we cannot? The knowledge is invaluable because it help people to change their whole life. On another hand, senior high school education should be free in China.ReferencesChina pledges elimination of rural compulsory education charges in two years. (2006). Retrieved March 5, 2006, from http://english.

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