Short Paper: Three Social Problems in America Essay

Homelessness is, in fact, a social problem facing America today. This is partially due to the lack of secure and safe shelter available to those in need. Another contributing factor is unemployment, leading people to be unable to afford decent housing. The economic crisis our country is in has led to financial cuts and many job losses. This is a social problem because it negatively impacts the quality of our society and the lifestyle of many Americans. It could, however, be controlled by efforts of the government’s welfare system.I feel that if funds were distributed differently, the availability of quality housing for those in need would increase and homelessness wouldn’t be such a social issue.

Domestic violence is another social problem in America. A cause leading to this could be violence having an increasing appearance in the media, influencing generations to be aggressive when they want something to happen their way. Also, the feeling of insecurity or a desire to feel empowered can lead to one being violent.This is a social problem as well because it can be controlled. Domestic violence is a problem because many victims are afraid to speak out. Victims often feel fear or reluctance to get help because they think their abuser will become more violent or the source of help won’t do any good. If organizations were available to make victims feel safer and protected, domestic violence wouldn’t be such an issue.

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Another social problem in America is racism.This is a persistent and even violent issue existent throughout the country. A cause of this is racist views passed on by one’s parents and the way they treat people who are different from themselves. Lack of diversity in one’s life can also lead to a racist outlook.

It harms the victims by making them feel inferior and belittled. Racism can be classified as a social problem because it can, in fact, be controlled. Some methods of doing this are through public education and pushing the importance of accepting others.


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