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Shihui NiProf. Ronald Vining MKT 4052017/12/13Final Discussion                       Part I                    At the end of the semester, I have learned a lot about online marketing technologies and how do we apply them in business. I want to talk about the online marketing strategies and technologies that I found helpful and actually applied when I was promoting my blog for this semester.           As a marketing major, I found it’s fascinating what search engine optimization can do to help marketers manage online marketing. Search engine optimization is also known as SEO, and it is a process that affect the visibility of a website in a search engine’s search result where payment is not involved. Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is highly introduced into business management, especially when it comes to promoting a brand and to gain brand reputation.

What’s more, Search Engine Optimization is also valuable for social media; your social media profile often influences your search results, and sometimes social media profiles can be on the top of search listings because “the liaison between SEO and social media is by-directional ” (Chowdhury, 2017). I believe that SEO would evolve to be a more integrated online business management tool in the future, and we can easily assume that there would be more research methods for marketer to choose from.           when promoting a website, marketers have to look into the contents in order to make the website more appealing to the public, and achieve a higher rank. Speaking of content, I believe it is the most important thing for marketers to consider in order to make the information fit into the format that search engine created so that search engine can represent the most related results.

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There are five elements that marketer need to pay attention on when creating a content, and they are words, titles, links, words in links, and reputation. (Fever, 2011). When a customer search information online, they always go directly to the highest ranked website, so it is essential to make your content relevant to your target audiences’ query. I believe that understanding customers’ needs always comes first, and to make your products more competitive, you will have to create a content that will satisfy the algorithm of a search engine so that customers can easily to gain access to your products;. businesses will have to measure the traffic and target the audiences by evaluating the metrics to make further strategic plan.

         When you have the technology back up ready, the next thing is to figure out how to keep customer engaged with your brand, I believe that companies should use Omni-channels such as social media, email, and the web to reach out their customers and make sure that customers’ needs are satisfied. Social media is an example of effective marketing communication and building the brand awareness. Social media is a commonly used platform where companies can interact with  customers on a daily basis to improve customer engagement.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are example of helpful platforms to not only promote the products, but also give more insights about the brand itself.             Other than that, I think optimizing a mobile app is another important strategy to help  promote a brand because mobile app will make it simple for customers in terms of viewing new products, placing orders, and giving feedbacks, so companies will just have to make sure the product information is up to date and fix bugs timely to deliver a better customer experience.


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