Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Essay

Shell and tube heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger design . It is most commonly used in oil refineries and other large chemical processes factory.

As the name implies, it is consist of a shell with bundles of tube inside. One fluid flow through the tube while other flows over the tubes. The types consist of U-tube/straight-tube heat exchanger. Uses of this heat exchanger is to cool the hydraulic fluid and oil in engines, transmissions and hydraulic packs.

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The upside is they are often easy to service.Referring to “Perry’s chemical Engineers” handbook, it is said that shell and tube heat exchanger can provide reliable heat transfer by utilizing multiple passes of one or both fluids. The material uses for construction of the heat exchanger need a good thermal conductivity to avoid any heat loss or absorbed to surroundings. It also required to be compatible with both shell and tube side fluids for long periods under operating conditions.

Referrences: Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook(6th edition) Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating and Thermal Design (2nd Edition ed. ) AbstractIn this task, shell and tube heat exchanger is introduced as a type of heat exchanger. Besides that, it is also consist of U-tube and straight-tube heat exchanger. The U-tube heat exchanger will be focused in this task and to thoroughly explain about the uses and application in industry, calculations , relevant examples from references book and the exact process as the heat exchanger is used during processing chemical.

Method of completing this task is by searching through the internet and referring to reference book in the nearby library. Therefore in this task is the finding of my research on U-tube heat exchanger.


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