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Shelby Walker Jr. Essay, Research PaperWhat is American History? To many childs today it is deadening information about topics coveringwith war, authorities, and the agony of our state, but as I attend my day-to-day life I ne’er haltto believe of the sort of function my household played in our states history.

As I interviewed mygramps, a portion of our households history that was one time concealed is now revealed. This interviewleft me in astonishment, assisting me recognize what an affect he had on our counties history and mademe appreciate it much more.My female parents father, Shelby Walker Jr. , was born at place in Depoy, Kentucky onNovember 27, 1926. He was born the youngest boy of Shelby and Pate Walker. He has threebrothers ( Robert, Cloyd, and Clifford ) and a sister ( Ruthell ) .

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Pa grew up in a house with noelectricity, no H2O, and no phone. He had to portion a room with three brothers as his sisterreceived a room to herself.Unlike today, the childs did what they had to make to assist their parents.

By be givening thefarm animal, picking and ploughing the gardens they did all the could to assist out each other and setnutrient on the tabular array. Back so, they received their H2O from a spring that was on the farm. Thisspring had many utilizations. The milk they got from the cow was placed in a pail and hung from aboard over the spring merely low plenty to set the pail in the H2O to maintain it cold so that itwouldn T spoil. They besides hung their homemade butter from the board in cheesecloth so the coolair down in the spring would maintain the butter fresh.

In the summer they raised everything theyneeded except, the lone thing Pa said that they didn Ts have was sugar and java, which was causeof the Great Depression. The wheat they raised would be taken to the local factory in Greenville tobe made into flour. The factory proprietor would weigh the wheat and gauge how much flour theyshould acquire. Pa said the proprietor would take out a scoop of flour from each crunching for his wage.

Pa s male parent had the lone grist factory about at the clip, so many people would convey the maize over tohim to be grounded into Indian meal. They lived off the land with wild game and fishing,on occasion they even killed pigs for porc meat. The nutrient was cooked on a wood combustion rangeand their light beginning was a kerosine lamps.Each twelvemonth, the kids received merely one brace of places. So in the autumn his female parent wouldtake him, his brothers, and sister to Gus Abrams Shoe Store, the lone shoe shop in Greenville,where they bought their places. He besides recalls Sundays as being particular yearss. The immature male childs inthe community would acquire together to play quoitss, washers, and particularly marbles. Theyeven sometimes went researching through the forests.

He even today enjoys playing washers, travelingfishing and encampment.Pa s instruction was really short. He attended Vernal Grove School, a one room school thatwent from first to eight class. Once Pa finished his eight class twelvemonth, which was around 14old ages old, childs could so discontinue and travel to work. As Pa reached the age of 18, he got hisdrivers license. He said Him and his friend walked to Greenville one twenty-four hours and Pa told his friend,Lashkar-e-Taibas go acquire our licence. So they did. Back so, all you had to hold was a license home base figure,so all the did was acquire a figure off a auto parked on the side of the street, took the written trial,passed, and received their licence.

They so walked back place because neither of them had aauto & # 8230 ; largely everybody back them drove route waggons pulled by squads of horsed on soil roads.He laughs about it today!At age 18 Pa went and served as Occupational military personnels in World War II.The warwas merely over when he went to ( European Threatre ) Belgium, Germany, and France. He says thathe didn t see an combat in the war, which was all right with him. He spent most of his clip inBelgique, where he got to see a batch of truly orderly topographic points, particularly from the ship he traveled on.On December 22, 1946, Pa and Ma ( Lee Walker ) got married in Greenville at Preacherfox s place, he recalls this to be the happiest twenty-four hours of his life. Then within the undermentioned old ages,farming so went bad, so Pa had to acquire a new occupation. he got a occupation with a route building crew.

During 12 old ages at this occupation, they had five kids. Then on January 2, 1958, Pa got a occupationwith Peabody coal Company, where he worked at River Queen on Highway 181. That s when hebought the house with 22 estates at Cherry Hill, where he lives today.Another happy memory that he recalls is his favourite holiday. It was when him and hismarried woman took a trip to Florida with his five kids ages four through eleven.

Since Ma was born inFlorida, that was the first clip she had been back since she was eleven. He remembers the tripback the most, they decide to travel back through the Smoky Mountains. With there Windowss downthey decide to halt and see if they can see any bears. Merely as Ma was go throughing out boxes ofCracker Jackss to maintain the childs still, a bear puts his paws up on the side of the auto and attempts to acquirethe Cracker Jacks. Pa said Ma squalled out and started hitting the bear with her bag, he thoughtthat was so amusing!My gramps is an old timey type of individual. He hasn t a batch of idea on engineering.

He says that people are all the clip inquiring him if he has a computing machine, he says no and they merelylaugh at him. He say I m seventy four old ages old, what would I make with a computing machine. I mabsolutely content with my life as it is. As we spoke on the topic of engineering, he said that hefelt strongly about recognition cards.Pa feels that people are non better off today. Even though there are a batch of positivealterations the hereafter has brought us, it besides brought us a clip of hatred, dishonesty, and hurting. Backso people were assisting neighbours with their harvests, looking out for one another and merely beingswearing people, but today you hear about shots in schools, robberies, and pack battles. Thisis merely the beginning, he explained merely believe what it will be like in the hereafter if it continues? Allof my life I have made it on what I had, and if I didn t have it that twenty-four hours, hebdomad, or month I madedue with what I had.

Today s universe concerns me with my grandchildren and great grandchildrenbecause so many of life s lessons are being lost. Peoples over indulge their grandchildren. It is auniverse of dissoluteness.

As I asked Pa how he would wish to be remembered as, he didn t cognize rather how to stateme. I think he is a modest adult male. I want Pa to be remembered as a loving hubby, a great male parent,and a fantastic gramps.

A adult male who would make or give up everything he had to merely toback up his household.As I look back and compare the difficult times and struggles that my gramps wentthrough, I can merely be grateful for what I have today ; the find of medical specialty, instruction,engineering, clean H2O, heat in the winter, and air in the summer. Even though we have lessconcerns today, that doesn Ts make life any better. Money, fancy autos, jewellery, and nice apparels areall merely necessities of life. Thingss that tend to be over looked, such as holding a loving household, nutrientin your tummy, and a shelter over your caput, are the things that matter the most. I agree withmy gramps when he says Life is what you make of it!


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