Shawshank Redemption Essay Research Paper The Shawshank

Shawshank Redemption Essay, Research PaperThe Shawshank Redemption is a characteristic movie concerned with the repression of persons within an institution- a prison in this instance. It is concerned with modus operandi, forced conformance, power maltreatment and the battle of hope to be in such a exanimate world.Characteristic of this & # 8220 ; experience good & # 8221 ; genre movie, the & # 8220 ; good cats & # 8221 ; , Andy Dufrense, and the & # 8220 ; bad cats & # 8221 ; , the warden and his guards are besides constructed.The viewing audiences response to the above elements are shaped by the usage of movie linguistic communication ( illuming, camera angles, choice of shootings, music, etc ) , but besides by character struggle.

Shawshank prison is presented to the spectator in a manner such that we are positioned to see it as oppressive, implementing conformance and modus operandi and taking all elements of individualism within a individual, & # 8220 ; you come here for life and that & # 8217 ; s precisely what they take from you & # 8221 ; .The opening shootings of the prison as Dufresne arrives to get down his dual life sentences, are 1s of an sweep of grey exanimate concrete blocks and bars. The milieus nevertheless are picturesque, the true beauty of nature in bloom, no more apparent than when the work forces are tarring the roof in summer. The consequence of this is to instantly arouse within the spectator, the thought that Shawshank exists to incorporate persons from the outside universe, to torture them with the beauty of nature, yet, coerce them to be in a universe of ugliness and hatred. Every scene within the prison is framed by bars and dark sombre greies or blues as background, the consequence of which is to bespeak the oppressive nature of life in & # 8220 ; inside & # 8221 ; and the laterality of the prison in the lives of every person.The repression of Shawshank, every bit good as the implemented modus operandi, is depicted by the movie shapers through lighting, camera angles and music. The bulk of scenes have no background music ; the impact of silence accomplishing the intent of bespeaking the deficiency of life within and refusal to let any look, really efficaciously. The lone music that really dominates a scene is where Andy lock himself in the wardens office and plays Italian opera over the tannoy system.

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The impact this has on the other captives, fascinating them, shows how Andy is different ; non one of “them” . How his hope is still alive and how what’s “in here” , can non be taken from him.The scenes where the guards are present see them as the dominators of the scene, framed to look larger than world and dramatic figures, about military like in their uniforms. Their changeless presence serves as reminders of the changeless and ceaseless influence and subjugation of the prison.The development of Andy as a & # 8220 ; good cat & # 8221 ; is aided by the usage of movie linguistic communication. The music that surrounds the supposed events before Mrs Dufresne and her lover were murdered ; dry in their words, & # 8216 ; if I didn & # 8217 ; t care & # 8217 ; ; if Andy didn & # 8217 ; t care he wouldn & # 8217 ; t be in the state of affairs he finds himself in.

Andy is developed as our good cat, our incarnation of hope. His clean cut image contrasting efficaciously with the cold harsh prison, making uncertainty in the viewing audiences mind towards his supposed guilt. His quiet mode and soft address besides aid the creative activity of the & # 8216 ; good cat & # 8217 ; .The creative activity of the & # 8216 ; bad cat & # 8217 ; – the warden- is achieved through the usage of movie linguistic communication besides. The darkness environing his first visual aspect after the work forces & # 8217 ; s showers, his little stature, average oral cavity, and decelerate deliberate address & # 8216 ; your buttocks belongs to me & # 8217 ; , every bit good as his dominant framing in scenes.

Although this is nevertheless, successful, character struggle development besides achieves this. By conflicting the warden with Andy, the issue of power maltreatment becomes apparent as the warden seeks to repress Andy & # 8217 ; s hope by mistreating his power and directing him to the & # 8216 ; hole & # 8217 ; or endangering a & # 8216 ; book BBQ & # 8217 ; , after Andy & # 8217 ; s refusal to wash his & # 8216 ; soil money & # 8217 ; any more.Film linguistic communication is a extremely effectual method of pass oning to the spectator because of the impact ocular elements win in holding. The use of the sub-conscious in characteristic movies is a technique that straight achieves its intent.

But it must be remembered that the ocular impact of a text becomes a superficial & # 8216 ; image & # 8217 ; of events if it is non underpinned by a strong narrative that takes the lead. With this component, the effectivity of the ocular component would decrease every bit rapidly as the impact was made, and the managers aim, to act upon the spectator, surely non achieved.


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