Shawshank Redemption Analysis Essay Research Paper

Shawshank Redemption Analysis Essay, Research Paper& # 8221 ; Shawshank Redemption & # 8221 ;The & # 8220 ; Shawshank Redemption & # 8221 ; truly one of the finest movies of all clip, it has no defects. It was a absorbing presentation from start to complete ; I would rate it a perfect 10. It is a great version of Stephen King s novel of the Shawshank Redemption. I thought the movie version did a great occupation at capturing the kernel of the book. There wasn Ts truly any major scenes edited out and it stuck to its basic secret plan sum-up. I thought all the histrions were brilliant, but three stood out and above the remainder. Such as Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne, Freeman as & # 8220 ; Red & # 8221 ; , and Gunton as the most evil warden you will of all time see, who smiles with the Bible in one manus while he orders you shot to decease with the other. The movie ran approximately two hours and 15 proceedingss long, but ne’er seemed that long.

Every scene is merely right, and there is much interesting character development throughout the movie.As for the secret plan sum-up, Andy is a straight-arrow banker, sent to the Maine prison, Shawshank, for two back-to-back life footings, convicted of a dual slaying of his married woman and her lover. He denies the charges, even after old ages in prison, that he is wholly guiltless. Red has a manner to acquire about anything, even & # 8220 ; Rita Hayworth & # 8221 ; . He was like the embassador of trade inside the prison. Red and Andy go friends and trust each other.

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Meanwhile the prison warden and the guards finally discover Andy s intelligence. He ends up making IRS returns for all the guards each twelvemonth, he even teaches general instruction to the other inmates, and gets funding to spread out the prison s personal library. The warden Begins to utilize the captives as his ain & # 8220 ; building crew & # 8221 ; and gets money, illicitly, from the exterior. Andy helps the warden by puting up false histories utilizing others names to conceal the net incomes, and becomes the Wardens personal comptroller.Then through opportunity, he discovers from another inmate, who the existent slayer of his married woman and her lover truly was.

Of class the warden doesn T want any portion of seeking to change by reversal Andy s strong belief, because he is such a large aid to the Warden interior. The warden throws Andy in lone parturiency for two months for even proposing that he can acquire his charges dropped. After this Andy realizes the lone manner he will of all time acquire out is if he frees himself. With a little cock, he made off that was for stones Andy dug his tunnel of freedom.

He worked carefully on this tunnel each twenty-four hours carefuly disposing any grounds. Each twenty-four hours he would transport the soil in his pockets and distribute it out over the gaol pace. He used a pin-up posting on his cell wall, to cover up his cunning transition to freedom. When flight dark comes he steals the wardens books, finally directing it to a newspaper and exposing the wardens fraud. He so uses the warden s places, suit, and a false individuality to claim 375,000 for himself. Once free he so makes an flight to Mexico with the money. A few yearss subsequently the Warden is about to be arrested, but shoots himself alternatively.

Red, eventually gets out on word, and bags food markets for a piece, so remembers what Dufresne had told him. He said & # 8221 ; If you of all time acquire out, there s a volcanic stone at the terminal of a stonefence under a large tree in Buxton and under that stone is something I want you to have. & # 8221 ; He looks it up and finds a missive and hard currency buried, evidently hidden for Red after Andy s flight. Red so takes the money and joins Andy in Mexico and they meet and hug on the beach in the last scene, as Dufesne is working on his boat.While reading the book version of Stephen king s Shawshank Redemption I noticed a few alterations as compared to the movie. The fist alteration I saw, was the debut of the narrative as it dealt with the character Red. The book states what Red really did to acquire convicted of slaying ; Thursdayvitamin E movie leaves out the inside informations and merely shows him of being guilty of slaying.

The remainder of the book would be from Red s point of position and chiefly his premises about Andy. Premises like what was traveling through his caput all those old ages in prison. For illustration Red negotiations about what it must hold been like for Andy cognizing he could acquire caught at anytime. Knowing something could travel incorrect and Rita Hayworth could be ripped of the wall, exposing his tunnel of freedom. As Red would state Andy some how unbroken cool and didn T let those ideas drive him brainsick. The book seemed to discourse more in item the emotions Andy may hold been experiencing.

Another difference the book had, compared to the movie, was the narrative of Tommy Williams. Tommy was the cat that knew Andy s artlessness, the one cat that might be able to give him his freedom. In the move Tommy was shot dead by the evil warden and his decease was staged to look like an flight. In the book Tommy was offered to be transferred to a low security prison with weekend furlows, so he could see his married woman and child. To a immature cat like Tommy this was a tempting of an offer. In exchange he agreed ne’er to convey up Andy s artlessness once more. I think the film did a better occupation at demoing how crooked and evil the warden was. Besides the book doesn t have the Warden putting to death himself in the terminal, alternatively he resigns and goes on life, inquiring how Andy of all time got the better of him.

As for the cinematography of the film it was done sagely and the secret plan was told in an intelligent mode. The audience wasn t one hundred per centum sure ; Andy was guiltless from the start you were merely left with an diffident feeling. You wanted him to be guiltless, but you were non wholly certain until the debut of Tommy s character.

From this point on the compassion you felt toward this narrative deepened your involvement even more. The movie kept you watching to see what the superb Andy was traveling to make next. Whether it was assisting spread out the prison library or making revenue enhancement returns for the guards. The best portion about the film was it didn t give away its stoping, until the terminal. Most Hollywood secret plans are pretty predictable and can be slightly deadening. Not in a million old ages would you of of all time thought Andy would burrow through a wall with a small stone cock, so crawl through a stat mi of crap to freedom.

The movie Shawshank Redemption gives you a narrative that surprises and excites up until the really last scene.I thought the movie did a good occupation of seting the audience in Andy s topographic point. Meaning that it was shot in a really cold and rough manner. There were no bright colourss, chiefly merely dark colourss like black, bluish, and grey. The guards in their black uniforms and the captives in their grey outfits and lets non bury the evil warden in his dark suits. The movie consisted of chiefly pan shootings of prison life and close-ups of Andy and Red speaking to each other and their inmate brothers. I think the most vivacious and colourful scene of the film is the really last scene, where Andy is reunited with Red. In this scene you see Red walking across a flaxen white beach, with the pretty bluish Waterss of the Pacific in bow land, as you see Andy working on his colourful fishing boat.

Here, you see the two characters hug and reunite as the camera easy crazes, go forthing you with a sense of felicity.In decision I thought the book was reasonably near related to the movie, although the movie twisted the narrative a small spot. I would hold to state I enjoyed to movie better so he book I felt a batch more compassionate after seeing the narrative with my ain eyes. I besides thought the playing of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman was superb and helped do the film to be one of the greatest movies of all clip.Plants Cited1 ) The Shawshank salvation, 1994, Peter Lansdown Smith2 ) The Shawshank Redemption, 1982, Stephen King342


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