Shaving the beard and start the shave.

Shavingis not just a mere routine act for men. Whether it is done daily or a few timesa week it is an art that requires practice and mastery for the best results.

Forthose who do it daily, it is one of the most important parts of the day. A goodshave can boost confidence throughout the day while an accidental cut can sourthe mood for the entire day. Learning to shave the proper way helps to get aclean close shave without any injury to the skin. The first step is picking theright razor. There is a variety of razors out there, some uselessly expensiveand some painfully cheap. Literally. Some razors are so poorly engineered thatshaving without a cut is a miracle.

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My recommended razor would be from the beardedcolonel gift set which is a leather wash bag that contains a brush applicator,shaving cream, a razor and a tin to store the blades. Basically, all that isneeded for a good shave. The razor needs to be as sharp as possible in order toclip the hair without causing any injury to the skin. With a full beard, it isrecommended to trim the hair down using a clipper before using the razor for acloser shave.

First, heat up the face with a hot towel to open up the pores andsoften the beard for a more comfortable shave. The temperature should bemoderately warm. With the brush, apply the shaving cream onto the beard andstart the shave. Using the dominant hand, hold the razor and use the other handto tighten up the skin to provide the razor with a flat surface so that it canglide smoothly with the grain of the hair. Rinse the blade often to avoid it gettingclogged with cream and hair thus making it less effective. Cold water should beused to rinse the blade in order to avoid causing the blade to expand andbecome dull.

The shave should be carried out step by step, shaving up sections completelybefore moving on. Shaving should not be done in a hurry as the chances fordisaster are higher when the level of focus is not optimum. After the shave isdone, rinse up with cold water and use a clean towel to dry. The cold waterhelps to close up the pores to avoid any dirt from getting in.

After pattingdry, apply a shaving balm to prevent razor burn and moisturize the skin. Alcoholbased balms tend to dehydrate the skin and cause irritation so it is recommendedto use natural product based balms such as aloe. After that is done, clean allthe shaving implements that have been used, dry them and put them back in theleather wash bag and the blades in the tin then store for the next shave. Once ablade replacement is needed it is doorstep delivered upon request by beardedcolonel.


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