Sharing Space Can We Learn To Live Essay

Sharing Space: Can We Learn To Populate With Others? Essay, Research PaperA little, dark room, with tonss of books, a wireless in the corner and a large muss.

In the center of the room is a little bed. There is no Television, no computing machine, no drama station, no modern engineering, merely merely one little wireless and a dark lamp, which is on the desk. And of class, beer and spirits bottles arranged by the wall. But most significantly in this ugly dark little room is the little bed that is merely mine and no other beds, which means that this room is merely mine. This was three old ages ago.

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Right now I live in something that is instead excessively broad, bright and has a batch of modern engineering: Television with overseas telegram, a computing machine with really fast ( LAN ) Internet entree, a Cadmium participant and two beds. This means that this is non wholly my ain belongings? I have to portion it with person else. And even though my life is satisfied materialistically and is possibly someway easier, it is more nerve-racking than of all time before because I have got a roomie.

Having advanced engineering doesn? t needfully mean that I live a better life or I am happier. The minute I have to portion it with person, so many jobs arise that my life becomes highly debatable.First of wholly, my roomie and I like different sorts of music.

He has a different clip of traveling to bed and waking up than I do. He leaves the visible radiations on at dark and I can? t autumn asleep. It seems that his favourite past clip is to do a muss and so go forth it for person else to clean up. I am non certain whom he expects to clean up after him, I guess it is me. He besides loves to listen to music or watch Television when it is blatantly obvious I am seeking to analyze.

It seems that he can? t afford the simple things in life like toothpaste, shampoo or pencils. He uses mine ; possibly he merely wish my material better. I have decided to halt purchasing nutrient and dad for our room, since I ne’er get any of it anyhow. His friends merely love to name tardily at dark, or should I say early forenoon? This interferes with my sleeping forms since he won? t acquire out of bed to reply the phone. I merely love when I walk into the room and he has approximately 10 people crammed into our bantam room. He ne’er asks if I mind if his friends make our topographic point a 2nd place. He loves to borrow alteration from me, but yet when I need alteration he ever seems to be out.

I think his place off from our room is the bathroom, I am non certain what he is making in there for 45 minute intervals, possibly I don? T want to truly cognize.Populating with person has turned out to be likely the worst thing that has of all time happened to me. It is really rare to happen the perfect roomie, because most of clip even best friends like wholly different things. We all grow up in different topographic points, households, states, and civilizations.

We have different characters, different wonts, behaviours and imaginativenesss about life. So everyone is different, because of all these differences sharing a topographic point is impossible for me. There aren? t adequate similarities to do lifetogether possible. Two people every bit different as chalk and cheese can non be put together.However, in my sentiment it is impossible to populate by yourself and hold privateness all your life. It was impossible as a kid, when I had to portion infinite with my brothers and sisters. It is impossible now, because I live in the residence halls and portion a room with another pupil.

Most likely, in the hereafter, it is traveling to be impossible to hold my privateness, because I want to hold a married woman and kids. And so it seems life is all about sharing infinite.To sum up, all of the differences between me and my brother and sisters, me and my current roomie, and myself and my future married woman and twelve kids are excessively large for me to portion a infinite with them. However, I had to portion in the past, I have to portion a infinite now, and I? ll have to portion a infinite in the hereafter. There are two utmost antonyms, which have to portion one topographic point. Therefore I have to come up with a solution to do life easier for both of us. There is merely one manner to make this? via media, therefore do some regulations which both of us agree to follow.

Harmonizing to Sarah Endo, writer of Roommate Rules, ? sharing a infinite with a alien can work if you follow a few guidelines. ? The regulations must by rigorous yet easy to understand and follow.Imagine two people who don? t even know each other, for illustration, my roommate Mark and myself. We meet at the residence hall. We have no feelings towards each other.

We started sharing the room, computing machine, Television, CD participant. And the jobs listed supra start to escalate and we start maintaining our distance from each other. But since we have to pass at least one twelvemonth together sharing this room, we decide to put up some regulations to do our lives easier. The regulations we came up with are as follows:1. Don? T portion personal points, illustration aroma, toothpaste, school material, and scantrons.

2. Don? T conveying any friends after midnight.3. Don? T turn off the dismay clock until both of us are awake.4.

Ask before you borrow anything.5. Make a clip agenda for utilizing the computing machine.Sharing a infinite is still the worst thing that has happened to me. I truly want to hold my ain things, my ain topographic point, but since it is inevitable I had to compromise. I had to calculate out some manner to hold my ain material and still portion the room. Hence we created some short, rigorous and easy to understand regulations. I asked my roomie what he thinks about this whole state of affairs and he said, ? Since we have implemented these regulations, I think Wojciech and I are closer than of all time.

We respect each other more, and have learned to populate together without killing each other. ? And these regulations have helped in existent life to do me a more tolerable individual, so when I have my married woman and twelve kids I will be more acceptable of our differences.Mark. Personal interview ( 10 December 2000 ) Minot State University.Endo, Sarah. Roommate regulations. Careers & A ; Colleges, March 2000 p44.


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