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Shanetha A. Watson ENG/100January 20, 2018April Newman Thesis Statement:  Family conflict patterns, using reflection to resolve conflict, conflict- resolution styles and relationship satisfaction should be for what are three ways to resolve  conflict to maintain a healthy relationship because it/they make everyone in the family feel safe,  families will be able to use different reflections that will allow them to deescalate conflict, and  families will have healthy relationships. Family conflict patternsFamily conflict Patterns is known to alter a part of our lives. It can occur because you may have  two people that may not share the same views on many different things, which will then cause  the family to form mixed feelings with one another and then the disagreements will arise.  Conflict has been known to occur in many different family’s because people seem to have a  difference in their opinions. Conflict has also been known to occur more often within the  family’s settings. As we try to understand family conflict, we must know that family conflict can  occur between daughters and their mothers, Sons and their fathers, and most of all between  siblings.

We have found that there are so many ways of using conflict strategies that will help to  manage conflict. It is known that verbal aggression can be known as a behavior that will  influence the individuals to stir up this conflict, because they lack the many different  communication traits. “Families who are able to handle conflicts constructively move from  focusing on people to focusing on issues”. (Malek, 2013) Using reflections to resolve conflictUsing reflections to help resolve conflict will make it very possible for you to gain some insight on what the underlying problems or the behaviors were that somehow started the conflict. We must use self-reflections by being able to stand back and observe our own thoughts and our feelings. One of the methods of using reflections that I was trained to use with a lot of my clients whenever a conflict issues occurs within the family, is that we must look and listen at the entire situation, then we must ask each person to write down a description of what happened, then we look at how they were feeling at the time the conflict occurred. Then we try to evaluate as to what was good or bad about the conflict, then if there is behaviorist present during the meeting they will try to analysis the situation.

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Then as a team we all must try to come up with a conclusion as to what else they could have done differently. Then finally we begin to implement an action plan that will follow with action steps. We have found this to be very effective in resolving conflict. “Reflection also includes enhancing self-awareness about how we are experiencing a conflict”. (Mark H. Davis Ph.

D, 2012) How using conflict resolutions styles can help you have relationship satisfactionsConflict resolution has many distinctive styles that can affect the relationship satisfaction between the persons involved in the conflict all because they may show unusual characteristics of how they were feeling at the time of the conflict.  The resolutions that each person may attempt to use to help resolve the conflict at hand has been known to bring on the relationship satisfaction. But the main resolutions we must remember to use during the time of the conflict that will help you in resolving your conflict is each person needs to learn to avoid the matters at hand. Because we all know that when there is an issue at hand this will affect ones physical, mental and emotional state of feelings. Then each person needs to learn how to accommodate their needs and feelings along with the other persons needs and feelings by looking at the concerns for everyone.  Which will then allow them to better understand that confronting one another will only lead to an escalating form of conflict. Then this where someone must be the bigger person and they need to try to compromise with one another regarding who is wrong or who is right.

Because this will allow them to complete the last task and that is learning to collaborate with one another so that they can work hard at redefining what has caused the conflict and that way they can redirect it before it gets out of hand. “A very important and unique aspect of conflict management is understanding not only your conflict style and that of the other person(s), but also to understand that there are usually two phases to conflict: the calm phase and the storm phase”. (Rouser, Resolving conflict: understanding the five conflicts style, 2004)


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