Shakespeare Research Paper

William Shakespeare Research Paper Shakespeare was a dramatist during the Elizabethan epoch. He wrote many celebrated dramas, many of which are performed today.

Shakespeare? s characters, subjects and state of affairss of his dramas reflect people of the Elizabethan clip period, this would do sense because that was the clip in which he wrote the dramas. Surprisingly, many of the state of affairss and subjects in Shakespeare? s dramas are still state of affairss in modern times that remain unsolved. In fact most all of Shakespeare? s plays contain a dateless quality. One timeless state of affairs was the position white people had on black or colored people. Another quality that was brought up in one of his dramas was inter-racial matrimonies.In Shakespeare? s drama Othello, there is an inter-racial matrimony between Desdemona and Othello. For that clip period it was about unheard of for a white adult females to get married a colored adult male.

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Shakespeare was about reprobating inter-racial relationships. You can see how he did this in his drama, Othello and Desdemona elope and acquire married and at the terminal of the drama they both end up dead. So in fact it merely reflects on his clip period, because Shakespeare wrote to delight his audience and if he was excusing inter-racial matrimonies the audience would non be pleased because they disagreed with that.

Another ground why Shakespeare was reprobating inter-racial relationships what the fact that in the Elizabethan epoch there were about no black people populating in Britain. For that clip period it was so unusual for a black individual to be with a white individual. Today evidently there are many more people in the universe. America is a runing pot, it has many people from different cultural groups and races populating within the boundary lines. In todays society inter-racial relationships are by and large more recognized nevertheless, there is ever that big figure of people that do non accept it and hold jobs with it. With all the people in the universe today there is still merely a little per centum that are in relationships with people of a different RaCe.

Why is this? It could be because people merely like people of their ain race more or it could be because of another ground. The attitudes of the people in the Elizabethan period could hold been passed down along the centuries and non changed. Possibly one twenty-four hours inter-racial relationships will be accepted widespread but for now there are still many people that do non accept it and they will merely hold to larn.In the drama other characters besides refer to Othello as the Moore. This shows that even Shakespeare could hold had a biased towards them. However he could hold been composing to delight a colored audience once more. Although the film Shakespeare in Love is non one of Shakespeare works it still was really accurate to the life and times of the Elizabethan people. Judging from the film, which contained no black people, you can see that Shakespeare was more unfastened minded than the general people.

So he likely had different positions towards other races. However in his authorship there still is a prejudice towards the black people, you can see it in his drama Titus and Andronicus, because the black individual in that drama is the bad cat and you tend to dislike him after sing the drama.Besides you can see Shakespeare? s prejudice in Othello because the other characters by and large do non recognize Othello by his name.

This shows that he is below the other races. In todays universe there is still a batch of racism. Peoples merely can non demur the fact that the races are equal, no 1 race is better than any other. Racism exists in many signifiers today and is still out at that place, merely as it was in the Elizabethan epoch. Hopefully one twenty-four hours this racism and prejudice will non be in society, nevertheless it still exists today and the human race will merely hold to larn that there is merely one race, the Human Race.It is amusing how something that related to the people and the times of the Elizabethan epoch still have intending today.

This shows merely how Shakespeare? s authorship is dateless and facets of it will ever be related to the modern times of today and the hereafter.


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