Sexual Themes In The Birdcage Research Essay

Sexual Themes In The Birdcage Essay, Research PaperPsychology Of Human SexualityThe Bird Cage, Starring Nathan Lane and Robbin Williams is a movie that explores societies positions of homophiles through the medium of wit. By making outrageously stereotyped homosexual work forces, the manager, Mike Nichols creates an consciousness in his viewing audiences of the prejudices and stereotypes that they hold. The two homosexuals male leads, Albert and Armand are proprietors of a cabaret in South Beach Florida. Armand ( played by Robin Williams ) is in a long-run relationship with Albert ( played by Nathan Lane ) .

Armand has a adult boy, Val, from a old matrimony. Trouble starts when Val announces his battle to a miss named Barbara that he met at school. It turns out that Barbara & # 8217 ; s male parent is an ultraconservative United States Senator. He wants to run into his future son-in-law along with his household. After much argument it is decided that both Armand and Albert will be included in the meeting of the bride & # 8217 ; s parents. To avoid makinga bad immpression Val & # 8217 ; s biological female parent is invited to feign that she is still merrily married to Armand. This offends Albert, who decides to dress as a adult female to play the portion of Val & # 8217 ; s female parent. In the terminal all is discovered and the conservative twosome are forced to accept that their girl will be get marrieding into an & # 8220 ; alternate & # 8221 ; household.

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Every sexual orientation and life style is explored in this movie, through each single character. Albert plays the emotional, insecure, flighty homosexual male. Armand plays the portion of a more reserved, logical, manfully homosexual. The Senator is a conservative, political white adult male who claims to be interested in household values and morality.

Both he and his married woman are upper category prig, who do non desire to tie in with & # 8220 ; commoners. & # 8221 ; Armands first married woman plays the portion of a desperately horny, divorced adult female. Val and Barbara are the lone twosome that would be deemed & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; by society.

The two show no outlandishc or unusual characteristicsl.Possibly because of the gender roles that males and females are cast into through socialisation, many straight persons are unable to penetrate a relationship where gender functions and outlooks are blurred. This phenomena is explored extensively throughout The Bird Cage. For illustration, in a male-male relationship who is expected to remain place and maintain house, and who is expected to be the supplier in the relationship? If both work forces were to lodge to their prescribed functions as males, so none of the domestic responsibilities of every twenty-four hours life would of all time be addressed. Society does non see work forces as responsible, or even suited for, domestic work. Many people may believe that a relationship will merely work if each spouse takes over either the undertakings and outlooks of a adult female, or the undertakings and outlooks of the adult male.

In attachment to societies prejudices, this movie shows Armand as the designated male in the relationship. Although it is ne’er spoken aloud, it is obvious that the features he displays are those considered to be traditionally male. He is the stone of the relationship. He thinks before he speaks, he is intelligent, and has control over his emotions. He invariably calms Albert down, while turn overing his eyes at the folly of his jokes.

In add-on Armand is the lone homosexual lead to hold been married before, and to hold a boy from that matrimony. All of these traits bundle Armand as the least-gay male, and the homosexual exposing the least feminine features.Albert is the utmost antonym of Armand. Not merely does he leap at the chance to go through himself off as a adult female, but he displays the most stereotyped homosexual features. Albert dances as a adult female in Armband & # 8217 ; s cabaret-style cabaret, and is adored by all of its frequenters. He seems to be really at easiness in women’s vesture, make-up and other regalia. Albert plays the “female” function in the relationship between him and Albert. Not merely is he extremely emotional, but he is unreasonable, irrational and flighty.

He clings to Armand for blessing and and support. He causes immense scenes to derive attending, such as the clip he refuses to travel on phase because has gotten the impression in his caput that Armandis seeing person else behind his dorsum. The house-man dramas along and flim-flam him into composure by giving him bogus relaxants. Albert’s character shows all the features of a stereotyped female.

He is the more nurturing half of his homosexual relationship, every bit good as the half most in demand of reassurance and support. He does non believe about the effects of his actions, and Acts of the Apostless on flighty urge.Armand and Albert have hired aid to assist them with their domestic responsibilities.

Agadore perverts from societies stereotype of amahs as being middle-aged adult female. But, as Armand explains, & # 8220 ; There are no house-ladies in South Beach. & # 8221 ; This is a mention to the fact that South Beach is an country that is populated preponderantly by homosexual males. Agadore is a individual, homosexual male whose parents immigrated from Puerto Rico.

It is dry that he is a house-man, since his parents came specifically to the United States so that their boy could hold better calling oppurtunities. Agadore aids Albert and Armand in the day-to-day undertakings of their place and cabaret. He non merely cooks and cleans, but he provides advice, support and amusing alleviation. He plays the portion of a really proud and blunt homophile.

Agadore is in no manner ashamed of his gender. His closet is supposed to be that of the typically showy and emasculate homosexuals male. Through out most of the movie he is dressed in nil more than a bantam brace of jean trunkss.The biggest statements about straight persons are made through the portraiture of the Senator and his married woman.

The Senator is seen as a bullet-headed male, who enjoys prophesying values that he himself does non adhere to. He cares really much about his repute and who he is seen with, since he is in political relations. The characters in the film recognize his political docket, and therefore deceive him by lying about Albert & # 8217 ; s true gender of a adult male. The manager humorously suggests that republicans, and conservativists are non as perfect and moral as they make themselves out to be through this character. The Senator & # 8217 ; s married woman displays the flyaway features of a stereotyped adult female, every bit good as the snobby attributes of a politician & # 8217 ; s married woman. Both are shown as being unable to allow loose and have a small merriment.There are no gender individualities, orientations or functions that are non poked merriment of and explored in the film The Bird Cage.

The manager seems to hold played up humourous stereotypes of each, making an consciousness in the audience of the absurdity of imputing features to an person based entirely on his or her sexual orientation. While homophiles are seen as highly-sexed and horny, straight persons are seen as holding no sexual impulses. Womans are characterized as being emotional ditzes, and work forces as the voice of ground. The fact that society perpetuates so many stereotypes about homophiles is what makes this movie so humourous. Who can assist but express joy at a homosexual males dancing cabaraet manner as adult females? This movie shows persons populating alternate life styles, and being happy and adjusted while making so. This is a new construct to many viewing audiences, who can express joy about their ignorance while seeing that sometimes different is merely apparent merriment.

educating its audience through the geographic expedition of sexual functions, and the stereotypes that we hold of them.


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