Sexual Desire Essay

Read the question carefully and answer each part; include additional information/research found online or from the library in your response. Your response must be at least 300 words. If sexual desire is regulated by hormones, should male sexual predators be surgically castrated or chemically treated with Depo-Provera to reduce testosterone levels? What if the sexual predator is female—should her ovaries be removed or should her testosterone production be curtailed in some other way? Should she be allowed to have hormone replacement therapy at menopause to reduce other symptoms even if it means an increase in her sexual desire?In the last three decades of the twentieth century, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and child molestation have increasingly become the focus of public concern. With that said, yes I do think that male sexual predators be surgically castrated or chemically treated with Depo-Provera to reduce testosterone levels. Lowered testosterone levels lead to a dramatic decrease in sexual thoughts and fantasies, proponents of Depo-Provera argue, and can often eliminate a sex offender’s urge to commit sexual crimes. Other supporters of Depo-Provera point out that in countries requiring surgical or chemical castration for sex offenders, the recidivism rate of child molesters has dropped from nearly 100 percent to 2 percent. “ (http://www.

sexual-offender-treatment. org/index. php? id=70&type=123) This surgery and the Depo-Provera hold a great deal of hope for reducing the level of sexual violence against women and children and even men. Yes again, I think anything to stop any predator male or female should be done.Who’s to say that if a woman keeper her ovaries and decides to have a kid and pushes sexual abuse on their child.

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Incest is not something a child can just shake off. It can have a long term affect on them as they get older. Then they could possibly do that to their kids or other kids. It could just be a dominos affect that will never end.

So once again yes I feel any measures that need to be taken to help stop sexual predators whether male or female should be taken.Female sexual predators should not be treated any differently than male sexual predators. No I do not think that female sexual predators should be allowed hormone replacement therapy at menopause to reduce their symptoms. This would not even have to be done female predators did not act upon what they were thinking towards kids. Here is a link that I think should be looked at: http://motherboard. vice.



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