Sex On Television Essay Research Paper As

Sexual activity On Television Essay, Research PaperAs I sat down one dark to watch telecasting, I continuously came across shows that had more sexual content in them so I wished to see. Female characters were holding sex with several male spouses, yet enduring no evident effects.

In some cases joking and boasting about who they slept with the dark before with their co-workers and friends. Not merely was this promiscuous sex disturbing, but besides the vesture these adult females wore revealed more skin than an big magazine. It is shocking that these adult females are the 1s that immature teenage misss look up to and name their function theoretical accounts. Believe it or non, sexual Acts of the Apostless, uncovering vesture, and the images of the perfect figure, displayed by female famous persons are holding an consequence on teenage misss in today s society.Today immature teens listen to and copy famous persons more than their parents or spiritual leaders. In a society where the media s attitude toward famous persons holding promiscuous sex is casual, it is no admiration that immature teenage misss are more acceptable to insouciant sex. Many of these misss believe that because famous persons on telecasting situation comedies are holding sex without effects, the same will use to them. But in world, sexual activity comes with many hazards and effects including gestation, sexually transmitted diseases, and most frequently a broken bosom.

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Yet another consequence media has on teenage misss is the manner they are dressing. To maintain up with the manners of Hollywood, these misss adopt the uncovering vesture manners of famous persons. Most adolescents think that if telecasting says it is all right to demo off the female organic structure by have oning uncovering vesture so it must be the cool thing to make. Young teens besides get the feeling that their disclosure garb will pull more males. They see guys drooling over Britney Spears as she strips down to nil but a sheer sequined organic structure suit and want that same attending directed towards them. Dressing like famous persons that wear provocative vesture may ask for males to do sexual progresss toward immature teenage misss, frequently taking to ravish.Risking wellness to accomplish the perfect famous person figure is another common consequence.

Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and was considered beautiful. But by today s criterions set by Television famous persons with toothpick frames, being overweight is non desirable. When viewing audiences tune in to Friends on Thursday dark they will non see one taking lady ( or any ladies for that affair ) with a waist over a size six. The lone imperfect characters in the show are the fat ugly cat and fat ugly lady who live across the street and are the objects of changeless ridicule. The same can be said for virtually all situation comedies on telecasting. Viewing audiences are invariably exposed to a parade of beautiful people.

Unfortunately, it has become recognized that society should look like telecasting histrions and actresses. The impact that today s organic structure image criterion is holding on adolescent misss is unmeasurable. Eating upsets and low self-prides are turning jobs among adolescent misss because of the force per unit area to hold the perfect organic structure, a organic structure that is malnutritioned, weak, and unhealthy.

What society must make now is state the beauty industry, the magazines, and Hollywood what they are making is unacceptable. The images of the perfect adult females they portray are unrealistic, and unhealthy. There seems to be small hope. It is improbable that the media will loosen its clasp on the heads of immature teenage misss. That would of class hurt gross revenues on vesture and beauty merchandises, doing companies to do 100s of 1000000s alternatively of one million millions. It seems as if the effects of famous persons sexual actions will ever hold an impact on teenage misss unless we, as a society, stand up and do it publically unacceptable to move as these famous persons do


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