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Sexual activity In Religion Essay, Research PaperSexual activity in ReligionThe ways in which the sexual organic structure and sexual pleasance are viewed have changed drastically over clip. This is due in big portion to the instructions and readings of Saint Augustine and the Christian Church. Today and for the greater portion of the last thousand old ages, the adult female s organic structure is invariably degraded through the usage of slang footings, its word picture in films, books, and magazines. Religion in general has made successful efforts in reprobating the art of sexual pleasance through persecution and isolation.Throughout ancient times, particularly in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, the male and female sexual variety meats were continually praised throughout different civilizations.

Archaeological remains of sculptures and art have shown this congratulations in all parts of the universe. Even the constructions or caves were considered symbolic as a sacred portal or a vaginal gap. Large Numberss of sculptures and artefacts of the Neolithic period have been interpreted as stressing vulvas.

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It is obvious that these are sacredly influenced because the art of this clip is chiefly concerned with myths and rites. Another illustration is, In ancient Indian spiritual tradition, the female pubic trigon was viewed as the focal point of Godhead energy ( Eisler 17 ) . Still today, kundalini energy involved in the pleasances of sex brings about a province of enraptured cloud nine.

There have been other findings in entombment sites where the vulva is symbolized by an object such as a flower. Not merely are the female sexual variety meats praised in ancient civilizations, but besides the male Phallus is viewed as an object of worship particularly in the Bronze Age. For illustration, A sculpture in a form that suggests both a Phallus and a extremely conventionalized Goddess statuette was found in the Gaban cave, near Trento. As if to reenforce the sacral connexion between female and male gender, there is besides a carving on this sculpture. A brace of crescent horns typify the male rule, and the vulva is represented as a flower ( Eisler 17 ) .

Another illustration can be found in ancient Greece: Dionysus, the God of vino and sexual pleasance and his Roman opposite number, Bacchus, who was worshipped by adult females with wild and inordinate behaviour. Through these many diggings it is clearly seen that both the male and female sexual variety meats were praised and worshipped in the mundane life of ancient civilizations.In contrast to the ancient positions of the male and female sexual variety meats, the modern position of the Phallus and the vagina is one of lewdness and debasement. Such platitude slang footings as bitch or prick degrade these variety meats in a manner that greatly diminishes the sacred power of physical regeneration.

Besides, instead than being depicted as females goddesses, modern erotica is chiefly associated with male domination and female entry and humiliation. Such magazines as Hustler and Penthouse invariably illustrate adult females as degrading objects instead than praised divinities. For case, Hustler featured a image of a adult male jostling a air hammer into a adult female s vagina over the humourous caption Foreplay ( Eisler 18 ) . This type of platitude erotica leads to such things as the whipping of submissive adult females by the alleged dominant adult male. The world is that, There are still work forces fixated on sexual marking and adult females for whom the thought of their ain organic structures as sacred is so antagonistic to everything they have been taught about gender that it seems to them blasphemous ( Eisler 21 ) .Some of the thoughts of male laterality and the terminal of sexual freedom and sacred pleasance can be traced back to Saint Paul and moreover with Saint Augustine. This is when the Christian church began to to the full endorse the impression that the female organic structure is corrupt.

Augustine s support for this comes from his reading of the 3rd chapter of Genesis and the narrative of Adam and Eve. God said, I will greatly multiply your hurting in childbirth ; in hurting you shall convey forth kids, yet your desire shall be for your hubby, and he shall govern over you ( Genesis 3:16 ) . In Augustine s eyes this made both sex and human organic structure corrupt and was the adult female s mistake.

Furthermore, harmonizing to Augustine, the normal Acts of the Apostless of sex and birth are, for all humanity and for all clip, the instruments of God s ageless penalty of every adult female and adult male for this original wickedness ( Eisler 23 ) . The Church finally backed and accepted Augustine s belief that all worlds born on this Earth from sexual intercourse are tainted with wickedness because of Adam and Eve s noncompliance. He besides believed that because of Eve s wickedness, there was a complete loss in the sanctity of sex, and that adult females must be controlled by work forces. After Augustine, it became a Christian responsibility to reproduce without pleasance. Furthermore, the Christian church began to to a great extent revile sexual pleasance. For illustration, the church persecuted perchance 1000000s of adult females who were involved in heretic religious orders.

The Church claimed that these adult females participated in corrupt sexual patterns. These religious orders were merely known to honour adult females and often worship goddesses. Finally sex, one time a holy gift of the goddess became the beginning of all immoralities.The drastic alteration from free sexual look, sexual pleasance, and the positions of the sacred sexual variety meats can be traced, in portion, back to Saint Augustine s readings of the narrative of Adam and Eve.

His thoughts of male laterality and the corruptness of the female sexual organic structure have, in portion, led to the modern debasement of females.


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