Service Oriented Organisation Essay

Industry are an important element in every state in order to determine the economic level in the state itself. The economy of the a country depend on the industry it has because the more industry a country has, the more economically rich and stable the country will be. The term industry can be refers to a field or an organisation involve in the production of goods, services or extraction of natural resources. There are two types of organisation in an industry, product-oriented organisation and service-oriented organization.The term “product” is associated with something that is tangible, which is capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch. The outputs of product-oriented organisation are either end product, or components that are assembled into end product in the downstream process within the industries.

While the term “service” is associated with something that is intangible which is incapable of being felt by touch. Besides that, services was first describe by researchers Saxe and Weirtz as being related to a concern for others.For example, the dry cleaners produce clean and pressed clothes, professional service firms such as architects, accountants, attorneys, and consultants produce reports. All of the result for the services given is a matter that related to the concern of the customer. In the financial and business and professional services industries, service-oriented products are packaged with such items as accounts, agreements, brochures, contracts, databases, documents, equipment, facilities, policies, procedures, and statements.

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When we talk about services, it is often related to the traits or behaviour of the officers who are in charge of giving services to the customer. Services does not always profitable to the person who are giving services. More likely, the customer can be the only sides who gain profit by the service of the officers. For example is the customer service sector. This sector is made so that they can give services such as information to the customer. In this case, the customer gain profit from the officer which is the information yet the officer gain nothing in return.However, the action, attitude, and the performance of the officer, are taken into consideration by the customer whether the officer has give a good service or not.

This is what it meant by intangible as the element which are taken into consideration to evaluate the service, cannot be felt by touch. Besides that, there are also services which are benefiting to each other because the organisation are paid so that the customer will gain the services that will be provided by them. Some examples for this kind of service are lodging services that are given in hotels.The customers will paid to the organisation for their services and the organisation will provide services of preparing the rooms services, food, free spa services and facilities like swimming pool. However, these service can be classifies to different rating based on the differences of the package offered by the organisation. Thus, the price that the customers need to pay will also be different based on the package that they choose.

For example, a customer who chooses to stay in a suite will have to pay more than the customer who choose to live in a regular room.In addition, although services are intangible, their effects are not because the result of the services can be something that are tangible. For Example, transportation services move people to another location or place, cleaning services remove dirt and stains, and repair services restore the broken items to its working order.

Therefore, services will require facilities, equipment, and supplies so that the services can be applied effectively and efficiently. Service oriented is actually very important because a person need to have empathy for a customer’s needs and concerns with the desire to meet those need.The cooperation between both sides is needed when the services are given and not vice-versa. For example, in a public administration which apply the service-oriented organisation, the rules given says that office hours are from eight in the morning to five in the evening. But there is a customer who need the service came five minutes late than the office hour.

As an officer, that person need to have empathy towards that last customer’s needs and must also have the concern to meet those needs.When those need are fulfilled, it shows that the officers has already implementing the service accordingly based on the service-oriented organisation. There are many ways to improve the services and it is either in term of customer service, service standard, or others. The improvement are usually made based on the feedback receive after the service are given to the customers. To improve the customer service, we should improve in term of awareness and technical skill first with the aim to increase the productivity of the organisation.In some cases, the delay for the improvement may be due lack of training to the new employees, especially if the new employees are still not accustom with the work and the procedure that has been given in order to accomplish the service. It may also be due to the ignorance of new trade regulations or trade procedures that have just been introduced.

Besides that, training should be provide in order to increase the productivity from both sides. Other than that, to provide an efficient trade service, trade and customs agencies should set service standard in the provision of its service community.An effective service standard is one that provides a tangible target to measure and improve the performance.

Similar service standards can also be set for the amendment of permits and certificates, answering telephone enquiries, registration of traders and manufacturing and the other service. Other than that, feedback is very important in order to improve the service orientation. This is because, the feedback are actually given for us to solve our problem in the past and to improve the quality of the service in the future.The solution that we get can be use to improve the service orientation efficiency and also the effectiveness in every aspect in the organisation. In the nutshell, service-oriented organisation can be divide by two which is in public sector or private sector. In the public sector, the services is more toward to satisfaction of citizen.

The government established government agencies and non-government agencies to serve the citizen to make sure that the citizen can get benefits from the service.Moreover, public services are closer with the citizen and it is easier to handle because of the main administration is parallel with the central administration of the state. So, the administration use the service-oriented organisation because it involved of two different party that cooperate with each other when the services are given. It shows that, even if the public service have problem regarding the government problems, its can be solved by the administration.

Other than that, the private sectors are totally different with public sectors.They have several industry that use service oriented like hotel, lawyer firm, wedding planner and cleaning services. Basically, the main objective is to get profits from the customer by selling their services. This is because, the government did not provide this services toward citizen and they get this services to maximize their own satisfaction. So, its show that the service oriented is important and they have its benefit in order to achieve the standard of living.

In conclusion, both party receive benefits from the service that are given.


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