Serbs Held In Kosovo Escape Research Essay

Serbs Held In Kosovo Escape Essay, Research PaperSerbs Held in Kosovo EscapeI chose to compose my essay on an article sing the flight of Serb war felons from a NATO prison cantonment.

This article relates to the universe because it deals with a group of people who did some really bad things to another group of people. In bend many states got involved and spent a batch of clip, energy, and money to halt this race murder. NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) is on a & # 8220 ; Peace Keeping Mission & # 8221 ; in Kosovo, nearby Bosnia, and several other states and parts affected by the Serbs & # 8217 ; race motivated holocaust. They have arrested several Serb military forces and are keeping them on charges of war offenses.A little group of Serbs has been detained and is expecting test for offenses against humanity. This specific article is about 15 felons who managed to get away from the NATO run installation and the 13 who have avoided gaining control.

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The NATO functionaries that were interviewed said ( in my ain words ) that this is non merely a bad state of affairs because there are felons running about, but this is a bad state of affairs because of the fact that this may wound NATO & # 8217 ; s reputetowards both the “bad guys” that it is suppose to halt, and the “good guys” that it is suppose to protect.My sentiment of NATO engagement in the Serbia part, is that it is good that we stopped the slaughter and if the Europeans want to remain and protect the cultural Albanians that is all right and we should assist them every bit much as we can with non-military assistance. This is a war that has been traveling on for many centuries and the job is that now the KLA ( Kosovo Liberation Army ) is butchering, ravishing, combustion, and executing many other of the really same atrociousnesss that they had done to them by the Serbs.

The difference now is that they can execute these atrocious undertakings under the screen of NATO peacekeeping forces ( if Serbs fight back they get in problem by NATO ) .My sentiment of American engagement in the Serbia part is that there is no American involvement in that country so we should retreat all U.S. military forces.

We stopped the devastation of the Albanian people by the Serbs. Arguably that was necessary, but it is non deserving put on the lining American lives over a struggle that has been traveling on for 100s of old ages and will go on for many more old ages until one group has wiped out the other.


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