Sequence Of Sound In The Birds Essay

, Research PaperThere are many facets of a film that relate the feeling and emotion to the spectator.

Music, or lack there of, is one of the more outstanding. In the movie The Birds, different bird sounds and silence are used to exemplify the action, suspense, and anxiousness of the scenes. This rare technique allows the spectator to be drawn into the strength of the birds and their onslaughts. The Birds, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, uses a sequence of silence and bird blare to make an excessive feeling of uncertainness and suspense.In The Birds, the order in which the grade of strife and silence are arranged evokes specific emotions that relate to the scene.

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During periods of tranquil scenes the spectator hears soft peaceable chirping of birds, miming soft background music. In sequence, next there would be a continuance of silence, constructing up the tenseness and expectancy of an onslaught. At the clip of an onslaught, the banging of wings and loud squawks sound. On history of the deficiency of music, and the lone hearable sounds, besides the characters & # 8217 ; duologue, are of the birds, the spectator is non distracted and becomes wholly immersed in the birds and their relentless happening.A major scene in which the absence of a musical mark is highly affectional, is when Melanie is waiting outside the school for Cathy. As Melanie sits on the bench outside, the kids sing from inside the school and soft, infrequent bird chirping can be heard. At this clip, the birds are garnering in a big flock behind Melanie, and one time the vocalizing stOpss there is a startling silence.

This deficiency of sound leaves the spectator confused as to what will go on and creates an utmost feeling of expectancy. After the period of silence there is an onslaught on the pupils, and we hear the birds barbarian screaking and their wings threshing against the kids. If there had been music, a eloquence from the pupils singing to the onslaught would hold been created and the feeling of suspense would hold been destroyed.

In the concluding scenes of The Birds, another important sequence of sounds and silence portray the expectancy and tenseness of the movie. As Mitch and his household, including Melanie, enter the auto to go forth Bodaga Bay, the birds that surround them are lightly peeping. Once once more, miming background music and meaning a unagitated minute. While they drive into the distance, the birds travel soundless, and the spectator is left in expectancy as to what will go on to the household. The add-on of music to this concluding scene would destroy the suspense and would either bespeak the expiration of Mitch and his household, or their successful flight from the birds. Again, the deficiency of music and sound creates a more cliff-hanging and tense scene so if it had been scored.

Seldomly do we see a movie as such, that does non hold a musical mark. The Birds is a exultant show of how a musical soundtrack can be replaced by alternate sound and silence and arouse such strong feelings of suspense and expectancy. The sequence in which the bird blare and silence is grouped speech patterns the tenseness and anxiousness of the film.


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