Senseless A False Sense Of Perception Essay

Senseless: A False Sense Of Perception Essay, Research PaperSenseless: A False Sense of PerceptI feel as though I have no pick but to be a skeptic about our abilityto cognize the universe on the sense experience given the information that is beingpresented.Our senses are touching, hearing, smelling and savoring, I believe it israther possible that a individual could believe they see, touch, and odor somethingsuch as a glass of bear but there be no glass of beer nowadays, therefore theirperceptual experience of this glass of beer is false. There is a good possibility thatthis individual is enduring from any of the legion possible esthesiss, auditory,ocular or tactile, experienced without external stimulation and caused by mentalmental unsoundness, poisoning or febrility, in other words this individual could behallucinating.

There are many ways that the senses can be tricked into believing thingsthat are non true, an illustration is when a individual takes the drug LSD, this drug isone which alters the province of the head and flim-flam it into visually comprehendingthings which are non existent such as pink elephants, green rats, gold tegument and soon. Hallucinations may happen when force per unit area is applied to different subdivisions,pulling different reactions from the individual being affected, these reactions arecaused by the affected individual seeing things which they perceive to be existent.Hallucinations are merely one manner by which the ocular perceptual experience of an object canbe altered there are many more ways by which the ocular perceptual experience of an objectcan be altered ; for illustration consider a square envelope, pay really close attendingto what you see when you look at this object. If the envelope does non travel butyou do so your perceptual experience of this object will continually alter as You moveapproximately and the & # 8220 ; square envelope & # 8221 ; no longer looks square. Because a square objectsuch as an envelope can & # 8217 ; t be square and non square at the same clip so theocular perceptual experience of the object must be false.Another false ocular perceptual experience would be a mirage, for illustration when youdrive down a level stretch of main road on a hot summer twenty-four hours it appears as thoughthere are spots of H2O on the route up in front, as you get closer and closerto where the H2O appears to be it disappears.

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Another illustration would besemblances with mirrors such as the 1s that David Copperfield performs, in hispublic presentations he astounds audiences by doing it look as if people aredrifting on air.In respect to the argument in subdivision 11 of Philosophical Problems andArguments I tend to hold with premiss one which states that we can sometimesbe mistaken in our perceptual beliefs, for illustration when we hallucinate we aremistaken in our perceptual although we may non recognize it at that peculiarpoint in clip. As for premiss two I tend non to hold with this one, I don & # 8217 ; Tbelieve that it is ever logically possible that our perceptual beliefs arefalse other wise we would wholly be hallucinating and I find it difficult to hold on thatone million millions and one million millions of people are hallucinating. As for the concluding premiss andthe decision I tend to believe that they are both false because they bothrelay on the 2nd premiss being true.It is said that & # 8220 ; seeing is believing & # 8221 ; but with hallucinations, opticalsemblances and other false ocular perceptual experiences happening without people evenrecognizing it, you have got to inquire who came up with the term & # 8220 ; visual perception isbelieving & # 8221 ; and how it could of all time be possible that person would believe such afarcical statement.


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