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Selling And Gross saless Essay, Research PaperThe exact features necessary for a salesperon to be sucessful are non precisely known. Many research workers throughout the old ages have listed out the traits that they felt were of import, but there is no grounds to back up their findings. I personally feel that there are three typical traits that a gross revenues individual demands in order to be successful.The first characteristic that I feel is of import is the sales representative s personality. Personality is the sum sum of all the behavioral and mental features by agencies of which an person is recognized as being alone. ( Donaldson, 1998 ) There are several beds in a individual s personality that are of import in merchandising, but the one I find most of import is empathy. Empathy is the ability to experience as the other individual does in order to be able to do the gross revenues. This is peculiarly of import in the computing machine package industry.

For illustration, if a client wants to buy a fiscal bundle for the computing machine, it s of import for the sales representative to happen out: what type of computing machine the client has, the client s degree of computing machine literacy, what precisely he want the bundle to make for him, etc. Once the sales representative knows this information, the sales representative as such is able to step into the client s places, and analyse the state of affairs happening the best package bundle that fits the clients demands. If the sales representative didn T posses empathy, so the sales representative could hold recommended a package bundle that was excessively complex for the consumer to utilize or merely obviously didn T make what he wanted it to make.Assurance is the 2nd characteristic that I feel is of import to a sales representative. It has been said that those people who possess higher degrees of assurance are more likely to bask merchandising and be successful. A marketer s assurances in there ain ability, the merchandise, and the company for which they represent are conveyed to the purchaser through their actions.

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For illustration, if a sales representative is seeking to sell an anti-virus plan for the computing machine, and is unable to look a client in the oculus when explicating the inside informations and public presentation of the merchandise, the consumer may be discouraged to purchase it. The client could hold interpreted the salesperson s actions as being insincere, or as holding a deficiency of assurance in the merchandise he was seeking to sell, when in world the sales representative was nervous. If the sales representative was confident, his belief in the merchandise would hold been conveyed to the client and his communicating accomplishments would hold improved and the client would hold felt safer knowing that the plan was traveling to protect his computing machine. In this instance, the sales representative s deficiency of assurance cost him a sale.The 3rd characteristic that I feel is of import to a gross revenues individual is their degree of overall cognition. In order for a sales representative to be successful at his occupation, so it is of import for them to cognize w spot about the merchandise, the company, and its rivals. Salespeople are frequently asked inquiries refering the merchandises that they are selling and it s of import for the sales representative to cognize the replies. For illustration, a sales representative in a computing machine shop is confronted with a client wanting to purchase a word processing plan for their computing machine.

The client has narrowed down his picks to Microsoft Word and Word Perfect and so approaches the sales representative desiring to cognize what the differences are between the two plans. The consumer might besides desire to cognize about the two companies involved because this would be of import in footings of guarantees and client service aid. If the sales representative is diffident of the replies, the consumer will merely travel to another shop where they do cognize the replies to his inquiries. If the sales representative had equal cognition of the merchandises, he would hold been able to explicate the differences to the client, and the client in bend would hold had faith in the shop and would hold been more likely to carry on concern at that place once more.

But due to the deficiency in cognition, the relationship between the client and the sales representative was ne’er built and gross revenues were lost.The grounds on the features of successful sales representative is inconclusive, and as Gillian ( 1982 ) explained, A peculiar sort of personality is non the key to success in selling and no peculiar sort of personality can vouch success. To sum it all up, I feel that the best sales representative are the 1s that have good communicating accomplishments and a all-around cognition of the merchandises.


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