Self monument to Condottiere Coleoni, also Leonardo

Self portrait of Leonardo, 1512Family: He was the i son of the wealthy notary  Piero da Vinci and the beautiful Katarina .

Soon after his birth  his father married a girl of noble birth. They had no children, and Piero and his new wife took a three-year-old child to their house Start of the career: The shortest time of childhood in the village passed. His father Pierrot moved to Florence, where he gave his son to learn from Andrea del Veroccio, a famous master. There, in addition to painting and sculpture, the future artist had the opportunity to study the basics of mathematics and mechanics, anatomy, work with metals and gypsum. .

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His first mature painting is Adorazione dei Magi, made to  order for the Effect on society: Leonardo was a genius , he faced people to the world, he invented , created, explained. Was very innovative in medicine and engineering . On of the people who structured the future. Explored human body and improved medicine invented scissors and parachute.*1452, 15 April.

 Leonardo was born.*1468. Leonardo arrives for training in the workshop of the Florentine sculptor and painter Andrea Verrocchio.*1472-1482.

Finishes his studies and  sticks to the guild of the painters St. Luke. Remaining in Florence for the next ten years, helps Verrocchio in the production of the model of the  monument to Condottiere Coleoni, also Leonardo engaged in anatomy and other sciences, doing some technical projects. Works during this time on the kneeling angel in the “Baptism of Jesus” Verrocchio, “Annunciation”, “St. Jerome “, the so-called” Madonna Benois “,” Adoration of the Magi “, a portrait of Ginevra di Amerigo Benchi.

*1482-1499. Leonardo is leaving  Milan. Enrolled in the College of Duke Engineers,, giving much time to scientific research.

Between the work creating masterpieces  – “The Last Supper” and “Madonna in the rocks.”*01499, December 14. Leaves Milan , returns to Tuscani *August 1502 – March 1503.

Leonardo works in the service of Caesar Borgia. *1504-1506. Goes back to Florence. “Battle of Anghiari” Borned in masters hands


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