Self Discovery Artifact Reflection Essay

I am someone who likes write things out, and see what I have to do, and so I went to the store and bought a calendar that I can use dry erase markers on so that I have to write everything out. It gets me to know exactly what I have planned during the week after school, on weekends, or on breaks from school.

I put things like my family or a friend’s birthday so I make sure to call, also if I plan on staying afterschool one day.I use it to see when I hang out with my friends on the weekend because these last couple months have been a bit hectic with college things that it is nice to hang with friends and I just write it on my calendar and know exactly what I’m going to do that day. As a personal artifact I have started to do things to relieve stress from home. I am someone who wants to pursue a career in Graphic Design, but it is good to not use a computer sometimes, and I am a visual person, with a bit of a blue personality type.So, I have started to paint a bit, and do random, but stress-relieving, drawings, such as when I started to just write the names of bands that I like a lot on a balloon. Sure it is weird or different, but once you actually so it, it is actually pretty funny and once you pop the balloon the drawing and words actually come out kind of cool.

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My other new stress reliever is has the same effect as the balloon drawings and it just helps to calm down or if I feel like creating something.


I'm Ruth!

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