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                      Section1: Fashion Nova FashionNova is an online fashion company that has been silently taking over thefashion industry for the last four years.  A California based startup fashion brand, thecompany is one of the most popular online destination that provides affordable andinclusive styles for every girl.  Headquarted in a 180,000 sq ft warehouse inDowntown Los Angeles, the company was founded in 2007 as a small storefrontwith ten employees. Fashion Nova now employs more than 600 people and workswith 3,000 to 5,000 influencers worldwide. According to Fashion Nova’s founderCEO Richard Saghian, since the launch of www. in 2014 the company has experienced”explosive growth” in sales and popularity. As of late 2016, the company’searnings were approximate 26.7 Million dollars. (Miranda, 2017)              Section 2: Fashion Nova’s Digital andSocial Media Use Though FashionNova now has five physical retail stores in the Los Angeles area, its socialmedia presence has made it dominate among fashion retailers. According toGoggle’s annual “Year in Search” report, Fashion Nova was named the fourth mostsearched brand in the world in 2017 (Gustashaw, 2017).

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Ahead of well-knownfashion brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL and Dolce & Gabbana. The company usesseveral social media platforms and techniques to target a specific audience:trendy young females that what to wear what celebrities wear, without spendinga fortune. The brand is hyper-engaged on Instagram. Between posting photos of sexymodels wearing their products they also incorporate the use of social media”influencers.

” Fashion Nova influencers are normal everyday girls that postphotos of themselves on various social networks wearing the brand’s product. Thisbrings it down to a personal level implying that the products are attainable andnot just something models or celebrities can afford.  These influencers are located around the world.Girls from California, Dubai, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv and Seoul all postthemselves in the hottest apparel. This strategy is rapidly transforming the onlinefashion industry. “Before, people were looking for fashion trends on therunway, but I think the runway is kind of dying. People are going to theirsocial media feeds and they want to buy what is on their feeds and what is ontheir Fashion Nova influencers’ feed.

” (Agrawal, 2016) Just like a viral YouTubevideo that reaches all corners of the globe, Fashion Nova has become a “viralstore” using social media to build its empire. Instead of receiving payments,the influencers are rewarded with exclusive Fashion Nova merchandise andgranted a 25% off discount of all products. In December 2016 a post by KylieJenner (Kim Kardashian’s younger sister), who along with her sister KholeKardashian posted a photo on Instagram, captioned “Obsessed with my [email protected] jeans,” this single post caused the brands online interest andsupport to increase exponentially. That single post gained two million likes,and led to the brand reaching 6 million Instagram followers within a fewmonths. (Instagram photo below) The strong surge in online support has boostedthe company’s online culture. Like a ripple effect, the more influencers whopost, tag, and shout out the brand, the more their friends and/or fans will buythe product and post about it.   With anincreasing celebrity clientele, the brand continues to plants seeds on socialmedia through influencers and watches as pop-culture celebrities like Kim Kardashian,Cardi B, WWE diva Natalie Marie and even eighty-year-old Baddie Winkle postthemselves in the brands clothing.

Convincing fans to buy into the fantasy ofdressing like their favorite singer, reality-TV star or Instagram model.Fashion Nova alsoutilizes YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest to promote their brand. OnYoutube, influencers record themselves trying on the brand’s clothing which cangenerate between 1 to 5 million views per video. The Fashion Nova Snapchatallows customers and fans of the brand to view sneak peeks of new merchandisecoming soon and exclusive looks inside of the company’s headquarters. Displayingthe various Fashion Nova events like yoga Fridays, ice cream luncheons and theiroffice runway shows.(Dorsey, 2017)With the large audience on socialmedia the company has created a dedicated online and social media team that hasperfected the art of selling to its customers and connects to each one them ona personal level. The team engages with every single one of their customers.

They constantly respond to every customer-tagged photo through likes, comments,and reposts. No comment, tag or like goes unnoticed. The brand uses a hashtagtitled #NovaBabe, in which the brands followers willing tag Fashion Nova inselfies and “outfit of the day” post on Instagram. Thirty customer photos arereposted a week to their page.

This encourages millions of girls around theglobe to buy and post their merchandise in hopes to be featured. The team makesa post every thirty minutes which equates to hundreds of photos within a week’stime. By comparison, competitors like H&M and Zara only post around 20 poststo its followers in the same period. (Matera, 2017) Below is the Kylie Jenner photoposted on Instagram that gained over 2 million likes.        Section 3: Fashion Nova’s Objectives Fashion Nova aimsto disrupt the status quo by providing trendy, comfortable and affordableclothes for every girl. Social media allows the brand to bypass fashion editorsand simply use their influencers to directly and inspire consumers. In thepast, girls had to discover fashion trends on the runways or in magazines.

Nowtheir social media feeds notify them on what’s the coolest dress or purse tobuy. In addition to the company’s social media influence, the brands trueappeal is price point and variety of cuts and sizes that fits all body types.Most items are less than $49.99 and the sizing options range from short and petiteto tall and plus size. Encouraged by celebrity endorsement and influencerapproval, consumers feel empowered, not ashamed to shop with a realisticbudget.

A popular video by celebrity female rapper Cardi B is testimony of justthat. In the video, the rapper shows off a $100,000 watch then reveals that her$60 outfit is completely from Fashion Nova. Basically, in the clip she claimsthat although she is rich and can afford Gucci and Louis Vuitton, thosehigh-end brands don’t fit her body the way Fashion Nova does. Referring tothose high-end brands she adds, “It’s not right for girls to pay that muchmoney, especially when the garments are not comfortable. They have enoughproblems going on they shouldn’t be brainwashed into paying a lot for jeans.

“(Dorsey,2017) Fashion Nova’s winning strategy of affordability and sizing options is  truly setting the brand apart from the otherfashion companies. Another objectiveof the brand is availability. While most company’s refuse to have universalshipping or charge outrageous fees, this seems to be no issue for Fashion Nova.The company boasts on their website that all purchases over $150 will enjoyfree shipping, anywhere in the world. Mia Sand, a nurse in Denmark posted a videoclip in 2015 to her 500,000 followers about how pleased she was to receive apackage from Fashion Nova in just five days. She wrote that the jeans sheordered were the best she has ever worn, and that it’s very hard to findclothes that fit curvy girls in Scandinavia. Viewed and shared over 3 milliontimes, this video started a Fashion Nova frenzy in Europe.  In fact, my wife who is also from Europe is apassionate Fashion Nova shopper and has been a loyal consumer after viewingthat video.

(She is the reason I selected this analysis topic).  She is from Croatia, a small coastal countryon the Adriatic Sea. For her and many other girls around the world, FashionNova allows them to have merchandise that might resemble the big-name designertrends, but at an incredibly low price. This lets them look the part while nothaving to pay extra for it, which is a win-win situation. The brand produces400 to 500 new styles every week the will not be restocked after selling out. Bylimiting the number of items in each collection, Fashion Nova promotes aculture of consumers who will keep coming back ever month to view what’s new instock. It also promotes product diversity, the $25 dress you buy this monthbased on its color or stitching pattern is only 1 out of 500 and consequentlygiving it a unique an exclusive status. (Mercer, 2017)Continuing the brands endeavors to supply”every girl” runway style items, the company has recently created a new linelabeled “Fashion Nova Curve” This sister line is a body positive brand thataims to transform the worlds view on models and women’s beauty standards.

Curvesells products for Plus size women and also features plus size models andinfluencers on their website and social media pages.  Encouraging morewomen to love embrace their bodies. As stated on the brands Twitter page,Fashion Nova is also producing a collection of hijabs and abayas targeted toMuslim consumers that have a taste for luxury fashion at a friction of thecost.

(Mercer, 2017) The tweet received over 1 million retweets and is expectedto be an exciting development for the brand. With over 10 million social mediafollowers, digital savvy brand Fashion Nova has effortlessly positioned themselvesat the top of the market and has been named Top11 Instagram Accounts leading their Industries by Forbes. (Rashid, 2017) Withall of this success and praise I have to admit that this company is certainlyimpressive. With that being said, I think the company could achieve more successby opening more physical stores. I think a brick and mortar store in at leasteach region of the world it sells merchandize could be beneficial for productreturns and would allow consumers to have a place to physically try on theitems before acquiring them.              References Agrawal,AJ (2016).Forbes: Why InfluencerMarketing will explode is 2017. Retrieved from https://www.,A. (2017).

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