Secession Essay

The Southern secession was driven by several political, social, and economic reasons such as the thirst for power, and the idea of abolishing slavery. All three categories were reasons for the states in the South seceding. No states in the South voted for Lincoln. None of the states liked Lincoln. Virginia did not vote for Lincoln. Both the Carolinas did not vote for Lincoln. Georgia and Florida did not vote for him either. Alabama as well. No states liked him.

All those states seceded after he became president. Northern political leaders did not believe in slavery but the southern leaders did. This led to political debate between both sides and led to secession and later civil war. The south wanted slavery while the north wanted slavery abolished. Cotton was the main cash crop in the South. Their economy relied on it. If slaves were banned they would have nobody to harvest the cotton. The South would truly have a poor economy if they didn’t have slaves.

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They needed to secede and keep slavery so they could sustain a good economy. Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin was a pretty big factor. This meant that less slaves were needed so the north tried harder to abolish slavery but south believed that slavery was right so they fought against it. Slavery was accepted in the South. The people believed that slavery was right. They believed. Slavery was perpetuated and socially accepted and rules were broken they really didn’t like it.

In the case of Dred Scott a man took a slave over the borders of the southern slave states and declared him a free man. The south believed if a slave is taken over the southern line he is still a slave and property of the south. He still must work for his previous owner. The south fought hard to prove that all southern slaves were property of the south and could not be freed unless by the owner. This is a major reason why the south seceded from the northern states.