The most beautiful clip of the twelvemonth Essay

1 ) Everybody knows that there are four seasons in a twelvemonth and every season is good on its ain manner with its ain appeal.

2 ) See fall for illustration.

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3 ) In September and November it is still warm and the Sun radiances brilliantly in the bluish cloudless sky.

4 ) But November brings cool air currents, awful and glooming yearss.

5 ) And how awful cold fall rain is! Sometimes it rains for hours!

6 ) Nature is falling easy asleep.

7 ) But there are people who like fall, they say, it is the clip of crop, aureate foliages, it & # 8217 ; s the clip when the nature is really attractive.

8 ) Poets of all states have sung fall as the most beautiful clip of the twelvemonth.

9 ) & # 8220 ; Golden fall, & # 8221 ; they call it. Golden, so. Yet fall does non appeal to me really much.

10 ) I like winter much better with its hoar and snow.

11 ) But I should state winter is non really cold in our topographic point without atrocious blizzards and deep snowdrifts, it is going milder due to the nursery consequence.

12 ) Although the mean T is -5 C, it sometimes freezes up to -20 C.

13 ) We enjoy skating, skiing or luging when there is much snow, but snowless winters are besides possible in Belarus.

14 ) Then we have the New Year Eve with a batch of nowadayss.

15 ) It & # 8217 ; s my favorite vacation and I like it really much.

16 ) Snow covers the land from December to March and it seems that winter will ne’er stop.

17 ) But March brings us hopes and nature aftermaths up after a long slumber, birds come back from warm states and everything around us promises something new and exiting.

18 ) I think cipher is regretful when winter is over with its long black darks and the air current ululation outside.

/ & gt ;

19 ) We all of a sudden start experiencing the new air ; we can see the existent beauty around us.

20 ) Trees burst into foliages, fresh and lovely, the air odors of immature grass and first flowers.

Everything is filled with life pleasances.

21 ) To my head, spring is the most fantastic season of the twelvemonth and we frequently go to the state in order to acquire in touch with nature and bask its beauty.

22 ) While clip goes on spring bends to summer.

23 ) The great Russian poet A. Pushkin wrote: & # 8220 ; Oh, summer mulct! I & # 8217 ; d love you but for the heat, the mosquitoes and flies! & # 8221 ;

24 ) I portion his sentiment, but it wouldn & # 8217 ; t be just non to see the brighter side of the image.

25 ) Bing on a hot twenty-four hours in a cool river, picking berries and mushrooms, lying in the Sun on the beach & # 8230 ;

26 ) We enjoy every minute of the conditions, but the chief thing is surely holding a three-month vacation.

27 ) In summer we have new meetings, new feelings, gay clip.

28 ) But summer is over and fall comes and everything starts from the really beginning.

29 ) So to cut the long narrative short, I must acknowledge that I couldn & # 8217 ; Ts say what my front-runner season is.

30 ) I like and admire them all because each of them is beautiful in its ain manner.

31 ) Summer is for remainder, fall is romantic an & # 1074 ; a spot sad, but it is a good clip to believe over our life an & # 1074 ; ourselves, winter is for work and survey, spring is the clip to make full in with a new life.

32 ) I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to complete my subject with these lines:

& # 8220 ; Man is a sap

When it & # 8217 ; s hot, he wants it cool,

When it & # 8217 ; s cool, he wants it hot.

He ever wants what he has non got. & # 8221 ;

33 ) So everything is good in its season.


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