Scott married to Amie Yancey, his Co-star

Scott Yancey net worth-Scott E. Yancey is a Las Vegas-based businessman, author, teacher, Real Estate investor and TV personality. Yancey has a fantastic net worth of $20 million according to His work in A&E television series and in a modern reality show flipping Vegas in which he and his wife, Amie Yancey. In this show, they both purchased and reconstructed dilapidated houses in the valley of Las Vegas and flipping them to get profits out of them. Yancey is the CEO and the managing partner of Goliath company. The company manages the real State business throughout Las Vegas.

Biography and WikiScott Yancey was born in Los Angeles, California on July 9, 1969. He was raised by his family in Studio City in California. Yancey, in the Studio City, attended North Hollywood high school.He married to Amie Yancey, his Co-star friend from the show flipping Vegas on January 26, 2000.

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He is suffering from hyperactivity disorder. The couple is fond animals as they own a pet dog named Tallulah. They Also have two Rhodesian dogs named Zuma and flip. Besides these, they had two Friesian horses, two mini pigs and a donkey called jackass.CareerYancey always loved to deal in Real Estate business. He, at the age of 14 made his first real State deal which resulted in him in the insurance settlement of$30,000.

He used this money to buy a home mortgage at a14% interest rate. During his college, he got hired by Walter J Plumb a Real State Attorney. Yancey continued to work under him and provided his assistance to plumb in many Real Estate deals. Soon after Yancey starred his own business by opening departmental stores in Las Vegas, Utah, and Arizona.After few years, Yancey decided to sell his stores and return to real State business, his dream.

Soon enough in 2008, he opened his company named as Goliath company in Las Vegas. This company mainly deals in Real State brokages and acted as an investment firm.In 2010, he along with lovable scoundrel’s production company started a new television premiere named as flipping Vegas. In 2011 the series got premiered initially by the A films.

Achievements and publications.His most prominent achievement came when his first book Go Time got published in 2012. The book mainly focuses on the people who taught Yancey about Real Estate. He got his second book published in 2015 titled as flipping your ways to Real State profits.He created an event named as Yancey’s events to make people knowledgeable and aware of the ongoing situation of real State in the market. His company Goliath is efficiently representing buyers and sellers for over a period of 25 years.

He, in an episode of the show flipping Vegas, donated a home to a wounded veteranScott Yancey’s Net WorthYancey’s net value is to be estimated around $20 million according to He along with his wife has managed to sell over 700 homes personally. He is very fond of sports cars and has a total of 50 cars. Ferrari 458, McLaren MP4, GTR3 (last generation) and the new Porsche GT3 are among the best of them. His worth is equally contributed by his wife.

Both his show and company add to his net worth. ConclusionScott E Yancey is an American Real Estate investor and famously known for his work in the American TV reality show Flipping Vegas. He is the author of two books.

His first deal in Real Estate investment came at the age of 14. He is the marketing manager of Goliath company. He is very passionate about his work which is proved by his achievements in real State. He is currently organizing various tours to spread awareness about Real Estate investment. 


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