School Work Essay

Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, is about an African American family who lives in Chicago and suffers from harsh issues of poverty in the 1950’s.

The family does not have enough money to afford the house they are living in and they often have to make a lot of sacrifices. They cannot even give their son money when he needs it for school and their son was sleeping on a couch for a very long time and did not even have a room of his own. They also have another baby on the way.

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Now where is that baby going to stay?They barely have enough money to have a room or a crib for the baby. Hansberry gave everyone in that family a dream and they are trying to achieve those dreams of theirs. Therefore, dreams were a big part of their lives.

Like, Mama had a dream of having her own garden, but that was kind of impossible because they lived in a small apartment, so she just has a little plant, and Hansberry used that plant as a symbol of their families dreams. Self-fulfillment and dreams are a big part of this book. Everyone in the book has a dream.Mama has a dream that she wants to have her own garden, but she cannot have her own garden because they live in a small apartment in the south side of Chicago. So, therefore, she has a little plant that she keeps outside on the window sill. This plant is a symbol of the whole families dreams.

She tries her best to keep this plant alive. Whenever it starts to die she brings it back alive. “Well I always wanted a garden like I used to see sometimes at the back of the houses down home. This plant is close as I ever got to having one (She looks out the window as she places the plant)” (53).This quote shows that Mama wants to have a garden very badly, but a plant was as close as she could get to having a garden. When it says she was looking out the window as she replaced the plant, it is showing that maybe she is remembering all the other houses that can have gardens that she used to see and how much she wants a garden and how that was her husband’s dream. Mama has also dreamed of having a better life, more money, and a stronger, closer family.

The Younger family has had a lot of troubles and money problems in their family. The family is also always getting into ights because of all the troubles they have. For example, when Ruth found out she was having another baby and then Mama told Walter he got all shocked and just left the house. That creates a lot of trouble and put Ruth to think about leaving him and living on her own or kicking him out of the house. Also, they do not have a lot of money. Walter dies and she gets his check of ten thousand dollars. Walter took the money and used it for something pointless, so they just lost all that money, which they could have used for the new babies needs.

They also wanted a better life by living in a better home and having their family be closer and having all the things they need and money to support their son Travis. Mama wanted a stronger and closer family because she wanted everyone in that family to work together and make money. They wanted money to pay for their son, Travis’s expenses and needs. They also needed money for the new baby on the way that Ruth was having.

They might not even have enough money to buy him a crib and enough food and diapers. They do not even have a room for the baby.They need to get the baby clothes, food, diapers, and all the needs that a baby needs. That is a lot of money right there, and they do not have a lot of ways of getting it.

They also needed money for the rent of the apartment and food and needs for the kids and the family. Money was a big part of that family. Also, when Mama got the $10,000 check for her retirement, Walter took it and used it to buy a liquor store. They could have used that money for way more important stuff, and stuff for the baby and for Travis and for food and for rent, but he just took the money and bought a liquor store which they really do not need.This story, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is mainly about how the Younger family’s hopes and dreams are realized. The plant symbolizes the family’s issues and problems, as well as their hopes and dreams. Also what they are doing to try to keep their family in good position and trying to make as much money as they can.

They try to make money, buy food, feed the family, pay the rent; they have a lot to do to keep that family in tip top shape.


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