Scary Story Essay

We having a sleep over at my best friend’s house. There was Monica, Carmela, Anna, Gaby, Hyeona, and me there. And all of the suddenly Carmela bought up that we should play truth or dare. I thought it was totally lame but we played anyways because we were so bored. They asked me first and I picked dare because truth is for losers.

Monica dared me to pick one of the other people and go in to the “brujas” house. “bruja” means witch in Spanish. I don’t really know why they call her that but the rumor is that she died in that house and now she stills lives there.I don’t really believe in those stuff I didn’t think it was a big deal. So I picked Hyeona to go with me because out of everyone she was the least scared of anything and she was my bff. As I opened the door you could hear little footsteps fade away as the sunlight came in. I was really hoping those were not rats because I just think they are so disgusting. As we hold each other’s arm so tight because we were actually getting a little scared we took a step in.

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when we go to the middle of the entrance the door got shut closed.We got so frighten that we screamed and ran upstairs. I know it’s kind of dumb about when you are scared go deeper into the house, but we did it anyways. By when we go upstairs we saw a lot of the pictures of the “bruja” I only recognize her because my mom showed me a picture of her a long time ago.

She was really fat and ugly. All the pictures were really covered with dust; it was disgusting. Then we went into this really huge room, I was pretty sure it was a kids bed room because it had a lot of toys. But I had never heard that she had any kids.All the toys were very creepy the toys were robot clowns but the second half of their faces were all rusty and not colorful. The bed was covered with spider webs and spiders I could actually see the spiders moving.

Then all of the sudden we heard really loud steps coming from the room next to ours. We didn’t know what to do we didn’t know if should run out or hide in the closet. But then we though if hide in the closet we would be trapped for a long time there, and there would probably a lot of creatures there.Then its sounded as someone had punched the wall so we screamed and ran down the stairs and went out the door. Outside was everyone they were laughing of how we came out screaming and that we were a bunch of scary cats. But they asked what had happened in there but we didn’t tell them anything.

And until this day me and hyeona have not talked about that day, and what really happened that day. But we can still hear steps come from that same room and sometimes we even hear a women laughing. We try not to walk so close to that house any more.


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