Satire Paper on Drugs Essay

In our society drugs and the people involved with drugs are a major issue. People who use drugs or sell drugs tend to do outrageous things to get the drugs or to make money off selling drugs. I believe that these type of people are endangering others in their lives, their community and even the world. I came up with a brilliant solution to stop their outrageous antics. I feel that the addiction of most drug attics will never stop.We will never get rid of drugs but, we can get rid of the people involved with drugs. All drug influenced people should be moved to their own country.

In their country they will be able to live the lives they want with out effecting others who don’t involve them selves with drugs. They will be able to have access to all the drugs they want. There will be no law in there country. They will not be able to have contact will any one in America. If they do they both will be killed.If there are still any drug members in America they will be killed and anyone who knows about them still being in the country.

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This will promote a much safer, crime free, heathier America. Sending drug influenced people to a different country will make it safer for us to live. We will be stress free of worrying about loved ones using drugs. Stress free of worrying about your children being influenced by drugs. There would be less violence, like drug users that could have been going crazy with out drugs and going on killing sprees.Drug sellers that kill because they didn’t get there money. Less kids using drugs to be cool of fit in. No more thieves who steal money for drugs.

Less people selling their bodies for drugs. Which if their were less selling their bodies will help stop spreading aids. Also with less crime coming from drugs our protection will be better.

Police to worry about and focus more on other crimes. Overall it would make for happier, safer, heathier…


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