Sarah your life then list Apple; if

Sarah Bishop Socially Conscious Investing – Part I Part 1: Go to 5 corporations from the list that make products youconsider key to your lifestyle (e.g., if the I-phone is a key product in yourlife then list Apple; if you regularly eat at Chipotle list that corporation).  1.

Apple2. Target3. Starbucks4.

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Adidas5. Alphabet Part 2: Check the stock price of eachof the five Stock Price for Apple is $176.59 per shareStock Price for Target is $76.54 per shareStock Price for Starbucks is $60.26 per shareStock Price for Adidas is $169.10 per shareStock Price for Alphabet is $1,117.

30 per share Part 3: Choose the two most importantcorporations and write for each 10-12 sentences. In those 10-12 sentences, besure to include the·        Name of the corporation·        Ranking on the Global 500 lists·        revenues of the corporation (if therevenues are” in millions” then add 6 zeros to the number shown on the Fortunelisting (e.g., $431,344 is $431,344, 000,000 which is $431 billion)·        Information about the corporation’sglobal reach (how many countries does it sell products, how many employeesworldwide, etc.) ·        What is the product thiscorporation offers that is key to your lifestyle? Be sure to say what it is aboutyour lifestyle that this product helps you express.·        Be sure to cite the source you useto write this paragraph.

  (see help on this) Below is a common definition of lifestyle that will help youarticulate the products impact on lifestyleLifestyle isexpressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and (on an individualbasis) in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation ofincome. It also reflects people’s self-image or self-concept; the way they seethemselves and believe they are seen by the others. Lifestyle is a composite ofmotivations, needs, and wants and is influenced by factors such as culture,family, reference groups, and social class.

From: Lifestyle. Access May 1, 2016 two corporation write-ups here one paragraph write-ups here 1.

)   Apple Inc. plays a very important role in mylife as well as many other college students’ lives. Apple is a huge companythat reaches many different countries across the world. Apple’s global outreachis at 41 countries with approximately 500 stores across the world. Apple has116,000 employees within the massive corporation.

Apple is ranked as number 3 outof 500 on the Fortune 500 list. Apples revenue is marked at a massive $215,639,000,000.Apple offers many different types of technology that I use in my everyday life.

I buy the Apple iPhone and use it to keep up with my friends and family. I alsouse an Apple MacBook Pro to use while in college. My MacBook serves as thebasis for my college career. I use Apple products daily and it has becomeessential for my success and social relationships with others.

 “Apple.” Fortune, “Country Selector.” Apple,www.  2.

)   Starbucks is another very important Fortune 500company. Starbucks is a large company that is continuously growing and sellingmany delicious coffee drinks and Frappuccino’s. Starbucks is available in 66different countries across the globe. Within the company there are more than21,000 stores with 254,000 employees. Starbucks is ranked at number 131 out of500 on the Fortune 500 list. Although it is not as high as Apple Inc.

, thecompany has recorded a revenue of $21,316,000,000. Starbucks provides manyindividuals across the world with some amazing coffee drinks. For me, coffee hasbecome a part of my daily routine. I know that many college students and adultsrely on Starbucks for coffee to get that extra boost for a busy day.

Withoutcoffee I would miss many of my morning lectures and I wouldn’t be as awake as Iam in my classes. “Starbucks.” Fortune, 3: Of the two write-ups, choosewhich corporation is the most important and explain why.Using my personal experience, I would say that Apple is themost important corporation.

Apple is a very important corporation because thecompany has helped to provide many technological advances within society.Without Apple we would not have the advanced iPhones that we have now. WithoutApple we would not have the laptops to do our work and help to advance ourknowledge about the world to continue to advance the world around us as weevolve.

I know so many people that rely on Apple products to get through theirday to day lives and to help them to be more productive. Apple is a veryinnovative company that is really influence the technological advances that wehave seen just within the past 5-10 years.     


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