Sandra Cisneros: Writer and Activist Essay

Mexican-American author Sandra Cisneros is the leading Latina author in the U. S. today. Cisneros has written two novels. a aggregation of short narratives. and three books of poesy. Her earlier plant. the short novel The House on Mango Street ( 1984 ) and the aggregation of short narratives Woman Hollering Creek and Other Narratives ( 1991 ) . were responsible for set uping her broad readership and winning Cisneros major publication contracts and major progresss on her plants. Cisneros is the receiver of many literary and non-literary awards including the really esteemed MacArthur family.

Cisneros’ repute extends beyond the U. S. Her plants have been translated into over 15 linguistic communications doing her an internationally celebrated writer. Along with being a author. Cisneros is besides an militant. Her activism is a cardinal portion of who she is as a individual. and it is focused chiefly in three countries. She is actively engaged through her public Hagiographas and public visual aspects with issues that have to make with the instruction. or lack thereof. of Latinos. peculiarly Mexican Americans.

Again. through her public wirings and visual aspects. she is actively engaged in the political relations of how Latinos. peculiarly Mexican-Americans. are represented or non represented in society. political relations. and the media. Cisneros actively promotes literature and literary civilization through the two foundations she established and which she financess and through her foolproof engagement in assorted community literary activates. She besides actively promotes Mexican-American civilization and history by her engagement in a assortment of related cultural events. many of which she organizes herself.

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Even with all Cisneros has achieved she has non stopped. Still actively involved in her foundations. and doing visual aspects and addresss. Cisneros remains President of the Macondo Foundation and the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation. In add-on Cisneros is Writer-in- Residence at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. She is besides still composing. Currently Cisneros is in the procedure of composing a aggregation of fiction titled Infinito. a children’s book. Bravo. Bruno and a book about composing she calls Writing in My Pajamas.


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