Samsung semiconductors Essay


Samsung Semiconductors is a leader in semiconducting material electronics worldwide. Samsung Semiconductors is a leader in electronic constituents like DRAM and SRAM memory french friess, brassy memory constituents, thin-film transistor liquid crystal show ( TFT-LCD ) panels and screens, and system LSI merchandises ( digital engineerings for place and nomadic applications ) .

These constituents are used in a broad scope of applications, including computing machines, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. Samsung semiconducting materials is portion of Samsung Group, a Korea based international pudding stone.Samsung Group is an international pudding stone corporation headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is involved in a broad scope of concerns, from consumer electronics to petrochemicals, from advertisement to life insurance.

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Business is divided into assorted industry groups including electronics industries, machinery & A ; heavy industries, chemical industries, fiscal services and other attached companies.Quality plays a really of import function in a concern like semiconducting materials, where, even a minor quality issue could potentially do a batch of harm to repute and the merchandises that use this merchandise.This survey focuses on the Quality direction plan at Samsung, its enfranchisements, its policy etc. The survey besides investigates the quality direction system at Samsung through an audit.Company Background ( hypertext transfer protocol: //

com/global/business/semiconductor/aboutus/AboutUs_Profile.html )Founded in 1974, Samsung ‘s Semiconductor Business started with the acquisition of Hankook Semiconductor. Initially the operations started as development and mass bring forthing ICs and peripherals for consumer electronics like LED tickers, telecastings, sound participants and micro-cook ovens. In 1983, Samsung ‘s evolved into a prima semiconducting material maker with the successful development of the 64Kb DRAM. Subsequently Samsung opened the Giheung Semiconductor Complex, its first memory fiction installation in 1984.

Since so, Samsung has been consolidating its place in the semiconducting material section. Samsung has been the market leader in Memory since 1993, and in NAND Flash since 2003. In 2001, the company expanded its System LSI Division and the opened it ‘s SoC Research Lab and signalled its long term committedness to logic and analog bit development.Samsung defines its vision as “ Making the Future: There is no waiting for the hereafter – it must be created. Accomplishments must be recognized, but we must rapidly travel on to new frontiers in developing even better and more advanced merchandises and engineerings. We must be nomads in the sense that we are ne’er satisfied with past successes and achievements, but are continuously seeking for new countries to research and develop ”The concern is divided into three major divisions:Memory: The Memory division designs and industries integrated circuits for hive awaying digital information. Since the clip it developed universe ‘s first 64 GB NAND bit in 1992, Samsung Electronics has maintained its prima place in NAND brassy memory.

Samsung was the first company to use 40nm-class procedure engineering in mass bring forthing DRAM. It has besides diversified into fast turning sections like nomadic devices and game consoles, with its proprietary OneDRAMa„? , OneNANDa„? and Flex-OneNANDa„? , and typical MCP ( multi-chip bundle ) solutions. Samsung besides pioneered the development of Solid State Drives ( SSDs ) , when it introduced its first 32GB SSD ( PATA ) in March 2006, followed by a 64GB SSD in June 2007, 128GB SATA II SSD in July 2008 and 256GB MLC-based SSD began in November, 2008.System LSI: The System LSI division designs and industries application specific devices, micro constituents, logic ICs, parallel ICs and image detectors. The division caters to 3 major market countries – nomadic solutions, place & A ; media solutions, and ASIC & A ; foundry services.

Intends to concentrate on five strategic merchandises countries – DDI, CIS, nomadic application processor, bit card IC and media participant IC.Storage: The Storage division designs and industries difficult thrusts. These devices are used in notebook Personal computers, desktop Personal computers and consumer electronics. The smaller sized difficult disc thrusts like the 1.8 ” thrust are used in personal media participants, cell phones, PDAs, sailing masters, MP3s and other nomadic applications. Besides has a line up of high capacity external difficult disc thrusts.The Semiconductor Business has 15 production installations around the universe. It has fabs in Giheung and Hwaseong, Korea ( near Seoul ) , and in Austin, Texas, while the IC assembly workss are in Onyang, Korea and Suzhou, China.

Besides operates 10 hard-drive fabrication installations in Gumi, Korea, which boasts of highest quality production, with mechanization that enables it to quickly accommodate to future engineerings.R & A ; D and Patents: Samsung focal point on R & A ; D is emphasised by the fact that, of the company ‘s 33,500 employees based in Korea, over 30 % have work responsibilities dedicated to research and development. The company besides has research centres in San Jose ( California ) , Suzhou ( China ) , Yokohama ( Japan ) , Bangalore ( India ) , and Tel Aviv ( Israel ) .

The company has invested US $ 6.3 bn in R & A ; D in 2008 which is around 9.5 % of its one-year gross revenues. Samsung Electronics has registered 3,515 US patents in 2008, a 29.0 % addition over 2007.Quality ManagementQuality is defined as “ a step of the degree of excellence or criterion of a merchandise or service. ” Quality direction is defined as “ ongoing attempt to supply services that meet or exceed client outlooks through a structured, systematic procedure for making organisational engagement in planning and implementing quality betterments.

” (, 2009 )( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.qaproject.

org/methods/resglossary.html )Quality direction has three chief constituents: quality control, quality confidence and quality betterment. It is focused non merely on merchandise quality, but besides the agencies to accomplish it and hence utilizations quality confidence and control of procedures every bit good as merchandises to accomplish more consistent quality.Quality control: Quality control is defined as a procedure employed to guarantee a certain degree of quality in a merchandise or service. This might include any actions that a concern might experience necessary to supply to guarantee control and confirmation of certain features of a merchandise or service. The purpose of quality control is to guarantee that the merchandises, services, or procedures provided meet specific demands and are reliable, satisfactory, and correct. The undertaking assigned to a quality control squad in an organisation is to place merchandises or services that do non run into a specific criterion of quality and act consequently. Quality control sometimes is used non merely for merchandises, services, and procedures, but besides for people.

These are specially used in service oriented industries. Sometimes choice control is mistaken for quality confidence. The difference is that while Quality control is concerned with the merchandise, Quality confidence is process-oriented. ( http: // )Quality Assurance: Quality confidence ( QA ) is the procedure which involves the testing of merchandises or services to do certain that they meet or exceed choice outlooks. It refers to a series of undertakings that involve systematic monitoring and rating of the assorted facets of a undertaking, service, or installation to guarantee that criterions of quality are systematically met.

It by and large involves guidelines on the quality of natural stuffs, assemblies, merchandises and constituents ; services related to production ; and direction, production and review procedures.Quality Improvement: Quality betterment is defined by ISO as a “ portion of quality direction focused on increasing the ability to carry through quality demands. ”The International Standards Organization is a attesting authorization on quality direction. The household of ISO 9000 criterions represents an international consensus on good quality direction patterns, dwelling of criterions and guidelines associating to choice direction systems and related supporting criterions. The ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 9000:2008 series are based on eight quality direction rules. These include Customer focal point, Leadership, Involvement of people, Process attack, System attack to direction, continual betterment, Factual attack to determination devising and Mutually good provider relationships. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.iso.

org/iso/iso_catalogue/management_standards/iso_9000_iso_14000/qmp.htm )Quality at Samsung( hypertext transfer protocol: //

com/global/business/semiconductor/support/qualitymanagement/support_QualityDocumentSystem_Audit.html )Samsung electronics defines its Quality Policy as “ It is our Quality Policy that we deliver on the footing of an effectual quality system the best merchandises and services that exceed our clients ‘ demands and outlooks. ”Samsung Electronics has been the leader in the industry in quality criterions since 1993, when the company foremost received top-level ( ISO9001 ) enfranchisement of its workss in Korea.

Over the old ages all domestic and abroad semiconducting material sites of Samsung are ISO 9000 certified. The System LSI concern unit besides acquired the QS 9000 in 1999. Samsung enfranchisement mileposts include:

    1993: ISO9001 for semiconducting material workss in Korea1999: ISO 9002 for semiconducting material workss in Austin, Texas ; and Suzhou, China1999: QS9000 for System LSI works in Korea2001: TL9000 enfranchisement of all semiconducting material workss in Korea2002: QS9000 enfranchisement for memory concern, assembly and trial workss in Korea2004: ISO/TS16949 enfranchisement for Memory & A ; System LSI division, assembly and trial workss in Korea2005: ISO/TS16949 enfranchisement for semiconducting material workss in Suzhou, China2008 ISO/TS16949 enfranchisement for semiconducting material workss in Austin, Texas

Samsung implements uninterrupted betterment through a closed cringle methodological analysis dwelling of a choice of critical parametric quantities, rating of the measuring system, monitoring of critical parametric quantities, procedure capableness betterment, and reaction program. The chief aim of this is minimising the fluctuation around the mark.Activities: At its installations, Samsung uses the following techniques for Real Time Monitoring for Particular Causes:Interlock System: Samsung continuously proctors merchandises and procedures and controls them by automatic interlock systems throughout the fabrication procedureIn the FAB, it has implemented a three phase protection system: Procedure Recipe Interlock ( Incoming Materials and Recipe Check ) , Equipment Parameter Interlock and Process Output InterlockIn the wafer kind procedure, wafers are statistically monitored based on assorted trial consequences and outputs before assemblyStatistical Process Control ( SPC ) and Advanced Process Control ( APC ) : Samsung has implemented an advanced SPC system suited for semiconducting material fabrication processes. The control is used for random tendency monitoring. It includes short tally, little alteration detection, atom, and multivariate SPC faculties.The APC system includes existent clip control and run-to-run control, which is successfully used for commanding deterministic procedure behaviorsFor common cause activities which are implemented in company-wide Improvement Projects, Samsung uses the following techniques:FAB Equivalency – “ Copy Intelligently ” : Implements Samsung Equivalence Test plan, which checks the equivalency and non-equivalency of measuring informations of end product features from “ Copy Intelligently ” activitiesThe intent of this activity is to take it to standardise the end product features between lines or equipmentStatistical Post Processing: implements statistical analysis on trial consequences at wafer kind.

This non merely optimizes trial attempt but besides gives utile information such as possible dependability and output. With statistical attack, wafers or dies with latent hazards are efficaciously screened and dies are binned harmonizing to possible hazardsVirtual Metrology and Modelling: Implements practical metrology to build prognostic theoretical accounts that can calculate the electrical/physical parametric quantities of wafers based on informations collected from treating equipment. Using this procedure can extinguish existent measurings from wafers. This combined with the APC leads to a displacement from “ Lot-to-Lot control ” to “ Wafer-to-Wafer control ”Samsung feels that employs are really of import in choice direction. In order to fit employees with the needed accomplishments for keeping quality, Samsung organises Quality Education & A ; Training classs. These classs are targeted towards betterment of employees ‘ quality consciousness and statistical accomplishments.

It offers employees multiple opportunities to use for an scrutiny of international Quality & A ; Reliability Engineer licence. It besides encourages its employees to use for CRE ( Certified Reliability Engineer ) & A ; CQE ( Certified Quality Engineer ) and several other ASQ Certifications. In the twelvemonth 2009, 47 applied scientists obtained CRE licences and 55 obtained CQE licences at Samsung.Quality AuditQuality audit is defined as a reappraisal in which a designated hearer analyzes and verifies assorted records and processes associating to a company ‘s quality plan. The aim of a quality audit is to find whether the company under observation is following with its quality plan or whether it needs to do any amendments to its concern patterns.

Sometimes companies besides perform a quality audit in order to cognize whether it is following with certain quality criterions, like those set by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) 9000.Normally, a quality audit is by and large conducted by an independent hearer or internal squad of hearers who have expertise in the country. Typically in a quality audit, involves the undermentioned stairss. The designated hearer will first formulates a system audit program, which normally inside informations the timeline, range, location of the audit, any written certification that will necessitate to be reviewed every bit good as any interviews that will necessitate to be conducted. Then he meets with persons at the company who are responsible for the company ‘s quality plan, examines any applicable records and cheques if the company ‘s concerns patterns align with its written quality plan. If the probe suggests that the company is non following the written quality plan, he would document the information consequently.

The study by and large contains a sum-up of all of the grounds that was reviewed.Audited accounts are of three types. Third Party Audits, which are done by an independent and recognised audit administration, 2nd party audit, which are conducted by those people who have a high involvement in the concluding result of the audit and first party audits, which are done merely internally.Quality Audit at Samsung ( hypertext transfer protocol: //

html ) ( Not rephrased as this is existent policy )SBQA ( SAMSUNG Semiconductor Business Quality Award ) : It is the system under which the audit is conducted for all concern units and sites and for each unit of the team/division/line units. The audit is conducted one time a twelvemonth to guarantee the proviso of information at the quality direction degree and is mandated to better all related countries based on the client satisfaction index of each unit in each development and production country.Corporate Theme Audit: It is the system under which the audit is conducted at the corporate degree to name and better weak countries at the corporate degree and to forestall the happening of accidents.Supplier Audit: It is the system under which the audit is conducted to guarantee betterment by supplying new enfranchisement, the evaluations, and the inducements for providers.Audit Information Control Infrastructure: The Company conducts an incorporate control of all information generated from the establishment phase of the audit program until it is closed upon its decision.Audit ImplementationThe followers are the stairss followed in carry oning the audit. First undertaking was to be after the audit. Then this followed by planing a questionnaire.

The questionnaire used in my audit is every bit detailed in Appendix-1. The following measure was to execute the audit. It involved taking permission from different people to assist in taking portion in the audit.

This measure besides involves being familiar with the inquiries on the questionnaire so that one can be more efficient in roll uping the grounds in this respect. I have audited the company by interchanging positions some people who are involved in the Samsung quality monitoring procedure. Besides I have used inputs from assorted employees and clients through a series of inquiries posed to them about their cognition of quality at Samsung. The following portion after carry oning the audit, I summarised all the audit consequences, so that it gave me more information as to how things were working and besides gave me an chance to see if I have completed gathering information on all the inquiries on the checklist. The most of import measure was next-evaluating the audit which was conducted.

This involved checking if the organisation met all the classs which are mentioned in the checklist and how far the quality is maintained with respects to the criterions. Then the concluding undertaking was to do a study based on the quality audit. The study besides involved doing suggestion that it could be implemented by Somerfield in bettering the services and quality of the merchandises.


The audit conducted on Samsung revealed a batch of penetrations into the company. During the audit I found that Samsung has a broad assortment of merchandises which were sourced from many different states. I have besides found assorted inside informations about the quality direction systems at Samsung, the assorted quality enfranchisements held by Samsung.

I have audited the company by interchanging positions some people who are involved in the Samsung quality monitoring procedure. Besides I have used inputs from assorted employees and clients through a series of inquiries posed to them about their cognition of quality at Samsung. Through my audit, I have realised that Samsung follows most of the quality direction systems. The countries where I found that Samsung lacked was that the quality policies are non efficaciously communicated to employees and that the policy for quality is more centralised. I make the undermentioned recommendations based on the above interactions.


An unfastened book policy, particularly with its employees and little clients, is necessary to be maintained by Samsung if it has to maintain its ticket of quality to be upheld. The company needs to let its consumers to entree its quality records so that the consumers are assured of the goods that they are having.

Policies towards the environment have to be reviewed on a regular basis. This has to be done so that environmental criterions are met. Environmental issues are going issues of high importance and Samsung needs to be a portion of the policies that involve doing the universe a better topographic point because of its policies. Although Samsung is a portion of the environment group, it has to develop more policies towards puting up more rigorous regulations to be more environments friendly.Staff forums and groups should besides concentrate on uncovering the consequences of the audits. This transparence will assist to make a better environment to assist work good. The staff would be motivated if there are some positive points in the audit and they will be motivated to work better on the non so good points.

Major runing groups do non hold separate policies. This is disadvantageous as some operating groups need to hold particular policies that cover the whole scope of work that needs to be checked upon. Some groups may non suit into a frame work that the policy of the Samsung has to offer and hence it is indispensable to do made to order policies.



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