Same that explained about the colonizing problem,

Same as the literature of the other country, America has its own history. American English Literature had walked over many periods. It began from colonialism period until modernism period. In each period has its own history and literary works that will be explained in this essay.       I.            Colonialism Period The American colonialism literature appeared during 1600-1800s, which mostly influenced by the writers from England. First, in 1607, there was the first English colony that arrived at Jamestown in Virginia.

Then, during 1620-1640, many people of England migrated to America, also called New England, because they had separated from their church. Those emigrants were known as puritan because they wanted to purify the Church of England from many cases of abuse. Finally, these puritan people brought great religious influences to the literary work in the American colonial period. That is why the most well-known literary work in this period was a religion that generally discovered in puritans writings.

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One of most famous authors in this age is Captain John Smith. He was an author, soldier, and explorer that was born on January 1580 and died on 21 June 1631. Between September 1608 and August 1609, he had ever been a leader of the Virginia Colony that led the journey through Virginia’s rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. His book that explained about the colonizing problem, had been the first American book written in English.     II.

            Romanticism PeriodThe romanticism period was a period that occurred during 1830-1870. This period regularly emphasized the emotion, intuition, and individualism and its literary works were lack of political and religious. That was very different from the previous period. So that, the romanticism period of America was also known as Renaissance.

During this period, there was a movement named Transcendentalism. This movement was the authors’ movement that refused the then-common spirituality and materialism. This Transcendentalism was also a recent concept of nature as a sign of God.There are two of most well-known writers in this period. First, Washington Irving, was called the American short stories’ father. He also the first men that success as the winner of international fame.

He had two short stories entitled “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, which used humor genre. Second, James Fenimore Cooper, was known as the father of American Fiction. His popular work was Leather-shocking Tales.

It was the series of his five novels that told about the American settlers’ boundary life. III.            Realism PeriodThe realism period of America occurred in the mid of 19th century, during the Civil War. This period was a period where the romance and self-writing fiction moved to the real life.

That is way, the objectivity had become the most important in the American realism period. William Dean Howells said that Realism was nothing more and nothing less than the truthful treatment of material. There are two of most popular writers of this age.  First, Mark Twain, was born in 1835 and grown up in the Mississippi River. His name, Mark Twain, was the pen name of Samuel Clemens. His popular works during his life were: Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi and The Adventure of Tom Sawyer. Second, Henry James, was an author that more focused on the human beings’ mental than the human actions.

He was the pioneer of 20th-century “stream-of-consciousness” novels. Besides, he had been the creator of psychological realism. His several well-known works are The Portrait of a Lady, The Ambassador, The Wings of Dove, and The Golden Bowl. IV.            Naturalism PeriodThe Naturalism of American literature began at the last of the 19th century.

This period was the branch of realism. Different from the realism that concerned on the technique of literary work, naturalism focused on the philosophic position. The word “naturalism” expressed the characteristic of this period was to emphasize the objectivity of human being. Across the objectivity of human being, the authors from this period agreed that they have to understand about the jus that controlled the human life. One of most popular writers in the naturalism period is. Henry Adams. He was a naturalistic author that graduated from Harvard University. He was a marvelous teacher and historian in that era.

His greatest literary work was “The Adamses’, the autobiography of old New England family.    V.            Modernism PeriodThe Modernism Period began in the 20th century when America started to grow up. It also began when the greatness of the technology tried to change everything. The rapid growth of the technology, industrial and material prosperity contrasted with the humans’ feeling. In this period many citizens felt an anxiety and fear because of the war’s effect. Besides, in the modernism period also occurred the spiritual crisis of the generation  In this movement, the literary works also began to change and really influenced by the real life.

For instance, there was a modernism in poetry. The characteristics used commonly in the poetry were the feeling of frustration and failure. One of most popular writers in this period is Ernest Hemingway. He was the great author in this period.

He was given a Nobel Prize in literature in 1954 because of his masterpiece, “Powerful Style-Forming Mastery of The Art”.  


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