Saint Lucia Essay

An island of paradise is everyone’s dream vacation. Saint Lucia is at the top of every honeymooner’s destination dream. Saint Lucia is a beautiful tropical island on the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean.

Saint Lucia is full of dining establishments fit for every type of person. There are hotels galore for just about any budget and any reason to travel. There is never a dull moment on the island with attractions and virtually every amenity catering to families and the typical honeymooning couple. Although Saint Lucia caters to different types of travelers, it is also home to over 162,178 people,Background and Demographics Saint Lucia has an amazing history given to us at the start of the 17th century. The island was contested between England and France through the 17th and very early 18th centuries. Between these times, Saint Lucia had changed possession fourteen different times. Eventually in 1814 the British had finally taken control over the island.

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In the year 1834, slavery was finally abolished allowing the island to remain in its’ agricultural glory which produced tropical commodity crops. In 1967, Saint Lucia was granted self-government and gained its independence in the year 1979.Saint Lucia is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean which is just north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island is roughly 616 square kilometers with 606 being land and 10 being water.

Its’ actual coastline is 158 kilometers. Climate can be absolutely gorgeous depending on when you decide to travel to Saint Lucia. With its’ tropical climate, Saint Lucia has a dry season ranging from December 1 – May 31 and a rainy season beginning June 1 – November 30. Saint Lucia has a population of 162,178 people as of July 2012. Median age is at a total of around 31. years with men being at 30. 6 years and female being the highest at 31.

6 years. Travel, Announcements and Important Information Currently there are no travel warnings or public announcements for Saint Lucia at this time however;Americans traveling should regularly monitor the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs’ website where they can find updated travel warnings and public announcements. The Department of State urges American citizens to be responsible with their own personal security and safety while traveling in Saint Lucia. Since there is no location on Saint Lucia for the U. S.

Embassy or Consulate, Americans must keep their passports on them at all times which they are required to have in order to enter and exit the country. Americans that are living in or traveling to Saint Lucia are encouraged to sign up with the U. S. Embassy or Consulate for their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP. This program allows Americans to gain updated information on travel and security. It also makes it easier to be contacted in case of an emergency. The U. S.

Embassy is actually located in Barbados for all of the Caribbean islands.Vehicles travel on the left side of the road in Saint Lucia. All the roads are well paved but poorly marked, narrow and winding with steep inclines/declines throughout the entire island. Dining Establishments and Service There are many restaurants in Saint Lucia ranging from your typical family eatery to a fine dining experience one will never forget. Martha’s Tables is a popular restaurant that offers home cooked local cuisine, seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant offers services such as; group functions, tour lunches and private functions.

La Toc Restaurant is a Parisian-inspired fine dining restaurant fit for anyone who just wants luxury. The dress code within this restaurant is resort evening attire. Three fantastic services the La Toc offers is white glove service, reservations and escorting patrons along with holding chairs for women. La Terrasse is a specialty fine dining restaurant that is famous for its’ duck, foie-gras and French-inspired cuisines.

This restaurant is known as one of the best on the island. Three services La Terrasse offers are a multi-lingual staff, reservations and a personal walk-through of the menu.An ethnic restaurant for those who want something different is Kimono’s. Kimono’s is a “teppan” style Asian restaurant where you get all your food cooked at your table by your very own personal chef. This restaurant offers services such as; reservations, a full bar and your own personal chef at your table. Lodging and Service Saint Lucia offers an abundance of hotels for all types of budgets. The Downtown Hotel is a budget friendly hotel located in the heart of Soufriere.

It is connected to shopping centers and close to attractions.Three services this hotel offers are limited hours for room service, self-parking and airport transportation for a fee. Bay Gardens Inn is a commercial hotel but very intimate located in Rodney Bay. This hotel is walking distance from everything and has plenty of exhibit space, conference/meeting rooms and banquet facilities. Bay Gardens Inn offers wedding services, currency exchange and tour assistance. A resort that is made for romance and relaxation is the Sandals Grande St. Lucian. This resort is the only resort that is all-inclusive with panoramic views of Ft.

Rodney and volcanic mountains.Along its’ mile long beachfront, it boasts the calmest waters and is situated on both sides of the Caribbean Sea. This resort offers many different services such as; a medical staff on site, concierge services and private car service.

A romantic way to lodge in Saint Lucia is by staying in an intimate bed and breakfast like the La Haut Resort in Soufriere. This bed and breakfast only has thirteen rooms and is close to everything. It has a restaurant that only serves breakfast, a pool, library and a gift shop. The La Haut Resort offers concierge services, free breakfast and free parking for all guests.Modes of Travel Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island that must be traveled to by an airplane. Going through Delta, the timeline for this trip from my location would be 22 hours and 33 minutes there which includes an overnight layover.

Coming back from my trip to Saint Lucia only lasts 8 hours and 39 minutes with a small layover. The total cost for the trip for two people is exactly $2,373. 80 with taxes and fees. Saint Lucia offers many different options to get around on the island.

They offer a water taxi that is reasonably priced depending on your interests.Israel King Water Taxi offers three different trips; Rodney Bay to Pigeon Island for $20 USD round trip per person, Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay for $75 USD round trip per person and Rodney Bay to Soufriere ranging from $325-$500. All these trips are tailor-made based on the tourists’ interests so they could last a couple hours to the entire day. Some tourists might actually want to get around by themselves so they often head to Avis for a car rental. A tourist can rent a car for just one day costing them 55. 10 Euros which exchanges to roughly $70 USD.

If a tourist is staying at the Sandals Grande St.Lucian and they want to drive themselves to the Diamond Botanical Gardens, it will take them around 50 minutes to get there. It is 45 kilometers in distance between the hotel and the gardens. Tourist Attractions Tourist attractions are very popular in Saint Lucia. No person wants to be bored so there are options for everyone on the Island.

A popular attraction is the Dolphin and Whale Watching Experience. Guests will sail two miles out along a 3,000 foot ledge down the west coast of Soufriere where the most amazing views of these magnificent creatures occur.One attraction that should be visited is the Island Routes Scuba Tour. Tourists can dive as far down as 20 feet into the sea of crystal clear blue waters to see the amazing sea life. A fun attraction for the child at heart is the St. Lucia Rainforest Canopy Adventure.

This attraction allows the tourist to glide from one platform to the next getting the experience of a lifetime high above the lush rainforest. You enjoy hovering above the land and being one with nature. A final attraction that is one of the most relaxing is the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths in Soufriere.The Diamond Falls are in fact described as one of the natural wonders of Saint Lucia being six acres of nothing but beauty and peace.

Tourists can enjoy walking through paths with tropical flowers, plants and nature. People walk right into a whole new world filled with hot mineral springs that fill the historical baths with age old medicinal waters and view a breathtaking waterfall. All these tourist attractions are amazing and I would love to visit them. I find that they sound relaxing and fun. I want to travel to see natural wonders, majestic creatures, fly high above a rainforest and scuba ive to see how the creatures under the sea live. All of this sounds like a dream that is once in a lifetime. Conclusion In conclusion, we have learned many new things about the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. I have taken into account how it is not just for the traveling honeymooner but can be traveled to by families.

Saint Lucia is not just a tourist destination but is home to over 162,178 people that live and work on the island. We have also learned that Saint Lucia was in possession fourteen times before the British finally gained control in the year 1814.American travelers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye for their own security since there is no U. S. Embassy or Consulate on the island.

They are also encouraged to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program allowing them to keep in contact about travel security. This also allows the Embassy to contact you in case of an emergency. In researching Saint Lucia, I have learned there are many restaurants and hotels on the island. There are many restaurants ranging from casual dining to ethnic dining. People get to enjoy a different type of meal everyday of their vacation.

Tourists also get to stay in different types of hotels with many different services and amenities. They can choose from budget friendly properties to the most elegant resorts on the island. Unfortunately the only way to get to Saint Lucia is by airplane which could take a long time depending on where you live. Saint Lucia offers many different varieties of travel once you arrive on the island including water taxis and car rentals. Finally, tourists can find themselves constantly finding something to do on the island. There is never a dull moment with all the attractions available.People can choose to scuba dive, go whale watching, sit in a peaceful retreat and become one with nature and finally relax.

I chose to research Saint Lucia because it is a beautiful island and seems to be top notch for service and hospitality. I have always wanted to visit Saint Lucia and travel the island learning about their culture and seeing many different attractions.References CIA. (2012). Saint Lucia. Retrieved from https://www. cia.

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