Sagging Pants Essay

The issue of sagging pants in school has been controversial. Many schools have disapproved on students who wear sagging pants. An argument against wearing sagging pants is that teaches have to correct the students which takes away time that could be spared if sagging was banned. Students can also be distracted by others wearing sagging pants.

Some students could get into trouble with others if mistaken by a gang member. If a teacher saw a student wearing sagging pants he or she would most likely tell them to wear them properly. The student might try to argue with the teacher and get into more trouble.If the student is resistant then that time is wasted on the issue. That time could have been used to help another student and overall causes stress on the teacher. If sagging pants were completely banned then there wouldn’t be a need to argue on the issue anymore. Other students could be distracted by others showing their underwear. Students could be focusing on the underpants of another student they are of bright colors.

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Other students could also find the style humorous and make fun of someone wearing sagging pants instead of paying attention in class.The students who wear sagging pants could be distracting themselves by having to pick them up frequently if they are walking long distances. Having to pick up their sagging pants frequently could potentially make late to a class. Some students could be seen as gang members or a posers if they are wearing sagging pants. Accusations like these could cause a student to get beat up. Some students with gang affiliations might see someone who is wearing sagging pants as a poser or even worse a rival gang member which could turn into a fatal situation.

Mistaken gang members could be accused because they were wearing a rival gang’s color.Two colors to be identified as a gang member are red or blue if they are the colors of a student’s underwear. In conclusion, wearing sagging pants could be a waste of time for teachers who have to correct their students. Sagging pants cause a major distraction to a student and his/her classmates. Someone wearing sagging pants could be mistaken for a gang member or be seen as a poser.

Mistakes like that could lead to a student getting hurt or worse. The ban of sagging pants would help students focus more on school and bring a healthier school environment for everyone.


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