Russia’s institutions of higher education Essay

There are a batch of establishments of higher instruction in our state. The Linguistic University, antecedently known as Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages, Pedagogic University, Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia are good known non merely in Russia but besides abroad. There are legion regional educational Centres in our state.

Almost every metropolis of Russia has its university and colleges.Moscow State University is the largest educational establishment in Russia. Mikhail Lomonosov ( 1711-1765 ) inspired the foundation of Moscow University. On the Day of St.

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Tatiana, Count I.I. Shuvalov officially asked the permission of Empress Elizabeth to set up the University. The University was set up by the edict of the Empress issued on January 12, 1755 ( harmonizing to the Russian old manner ) . Since that clip St.

Tatiana has become the patron saint of Moscow University, and January 25 is celebrated as University Day in Russia.When Moscow University was founded there were three modules – doctrine, jurisprudence and medical specialty at that place. Today there are 24 modules mere. From the beginning the best Russian bookmans lectured at Moscow University.

Professors were invited from all European states. The instructions were given in Russian and in Latin. Young people from all estates but helot could be enrolled as pupils.

Moscow University was the Centre of advanced Russian scientific discipline and societal idea. In the Age of Enlightenment the University was patronised by Catherine the Great. In 1785 the Empress granted the University some land for the building of the cardinal edifice.

The fire of Moscow of 1812 destroyed the brilliant classical edifice of the University. Precious books and archives were besides lost. The building of the new edifice was carried out under the supervising of D.I. Zhilyardi. Today the Institute of Asia and Africa, one of the University modules, is housed at that place.

In 1832 Nicholas I granted the sign of the zodiac of the Pashkovs to the University. Today the Journalist Faculty is located here. During the period 1833-1836 the sign of the zodiac was reconstructed into a Lecture Block. The library was located in the left wing.

The University Chapel occupied the right wing. Following the October Revolution of 1917, the University got the province position and became known as Moscow State University ( MGU in Russian ) . In May 1940 it was named after M.V.

Lomonosov. In 1953 the modern University edifice on the Vorobyevy Hills was constructed. Sciences modules were transferred here. In the old ages 1950-1970 the University campus was laid out. Now about all the modules are located at that place.Moscow State University teaches about in all capable countries: Humanistic disciplines, Sciences, Law, Economics, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.

I do non cognize yet which module to take. The Law Faculty is the Centre of legal preparation in Russia. It is known for its high degree of learning. Professors of the Faculty do detailed research in the field of jurisprudence. Furthermore, they participate in the working out the Russia Torahs. The Lawyers, the Faculty alumnuss, use their cognition in tribunals of jurisprudence.

The Faculty of Journalism is proud of its alumnuss who work in different Fieldss of mass media: in column boards, telecasting, wireless Stationss and intelligence bureaus in Russia and abroad. Two-level system of economic and concern instruction is offered at the Economics Faculty. At the Faculty pupils study Economics and concern. They do research work and derive professional accomplishments. The Faculty of Philosophy has ever been the Centre of progressive philosophical idea in Russia. The greatest Russian philosophers lectured at the Faculty. Today the best place and foreign bookmans give talks at the Faculty.

Psychology was among the classs taught at first at the Faculty of Philosophy. The plants of Russian psychologists are recognised in the whole universe. The Biology Faculty, the largest scientific and research Centre in the state, comprises the most of import Fieldss of modern Biology. Students take practical classs in Zoological Museum and Botanical Gardens. The Faculty of Mechanicss and Mathematics is one of the taking scientific Centres in Russia. World taking professors deliver their talks at that place. The Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics is popular among the appliers for entry excessively. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science undergo rapid alterations.

The use of computing machines in assorted Fieldss of instruction, scientific discipline, engineering, economic sciences, direction and linguistics is provided by the Faculty.The top research establishments of Moscow State Lomonosov University enable to maintain research and learning up to day of the month. Here pupils can larn accomplishments, which fit them for a better calling. Moscow State Lomonosov University repute stays with its alumnuss – and their accomplishments in bend glorify it.- Who can come in universities or colleges in Russia? -Any school-leaver can come in any university or college he likes if the entryway tests are passed successfully. Everything depends upon the ability of the applier for entry to work hard.

At school students get the necessary cognition that will suit them for the competitory test. Each University or Faculty within a University can take what exams the appliers should take and what consequences should be considered worthy for an applier to go a pupil. In order to use for a University a individual should hold certificate a school-leaving, corroborating that school-leaving tests have been passed successfully.- Volition you continue your instruction after completing school? – Yes, surely, I would wish to go on my instruction. I am traveling to come in Moscow State Lomonosov University. This is the best establishment of higher instruction in Russia.

I have non made up my head yet which module to take. I have two old ages more at my disposal to believe about it. Whatever module I ‘ll take, I am certain that cognition I ‘ll acquire at Moscow State Lomonosov University will enable me to go a good specializer in the chosen field.- Is it hard to do a witting pick of the hereafter profession?- Now I am 14 but I think that even at 17 it is truly hard to do a proper pick of the future profession. The proper pick of the future profession is the pledge of success in life. Whatever my pick is, I know that at the minute my purpose is to acquire cognition that will enable me in two old ages to come in any establishment of higher instruction I ‘ll take. It should be said that school provides students merely with general cognition that ‘s why I want to go on my instruction in order to go a specializer in the chosen field.- What should be done to assist adolescents to happen their manner in life?- Possibly, first they should believe over the possibilities of the future profession.

Then, it is necessary to acquire every bit much information as merely possible refering it. When the adolescents do non cognize what to take they should inquire their parents or instructors to assist them to do the right pick.


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