Russia committed. All in all, I think

Russia organized crime began when the program of economic and political reform in the SovietUnion initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986 which is calledperestroika. Many of the organized crime in Russia came about in 1991 when thegovernment transition to a market economy. During this time and his term,the government unsuccessfully made any hierarchy changes concerning transparency,accountability, and shareholders rights, which all left a vague line between whatis legal and illegal (Webster, 2000, 32).

 Which this vagueness led to business operations to do illegal things withoutholding the responsibility of illegal prosecutions. Moreover, the nonexistenceof a stabile structure of markets – shareholders were denied ownership byviolence which led the Russia Mafia to infiltrate new financial opportunitiesby private markets (Finckenauer, 2007) that were unclear in taxation practices.Many of the issues of the of the Russian government relieson itself in averting and punishing the crimes committed by the Mafia. TheRussian law lacked many basic things to control its land and that was theequipment of cars, communication, computers, and a lack of experience withcrimes in the market economy (Finckenauer, 2007).

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These deficiencies made notonly the government as a hold to not have control of organized crime but aswell as the law enforcement agencies. When law enforcement is not getting theequip training or even pay it causes many issues of organization – meaning bribesare accepted, heads are turned when crime is being committed, etc.… (Grib,2001, 150). In the 20th century there were 1.7 million offenders chargedwith crimes ranging from theft, fraud, human trafficking, and drug trafficking –approximately 50% were persons with no steady income (Shelley, 2003, 106). Onthe other hand another example of court decisions in property taxation andownership were enforced only by 50% – claim the minister of justice (Volkov,2002, 47). These few court examples showed the criminals within the countrythat there is no reprimand of the crime they commit.

Furthermore, there was not a policy that advised thatlaw agencies: police officers or lawyers should get trained yearly. If lawyerswere practicing law and not using out of date practices so many groups wouldhave not been released from prison to continue to commit the crimes and/or manygroup members would have got locked up for the crimes the committed. All in all, I think the Russian government could haveprevented the growth of organized crime by not only setting policies foreducating their law officials how to deal with a market economy, but outreachedto the States to utilize the law schools that we offer. On top of that, businessshould have been required to have business licenses and required to pay taxeswhich would have prevented the government officials to work with organizedcrime business owners. 


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