Running out of Reptiles Essay

Running out of Reptiles            Reptiles have been around for millions of years even before the first human was born.

But like their pre-historic ancestors, the dinosaurs, reptiles are steadily becoming extinct. 270 species of reptiles are classified as endangered according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Most reptiles live in wetlands and forests, which are at high risks for human destruction. Reptiles are more sensitive to changes than any other species, which could mean their decline could be the clues of a mass extinction. Humans are the main cause of this decline, our actions created rapid climate changes that, in turn, destroy the environment. Reptiles’ sexes depend on the temperatures it was exposed to during incubation, climate change makes the genders of these eggs one sided, which means no more reproduction. Although humans are the main culprits in the demise of the reptiles, we know so little about reptiles that we can’t really tell all the factors that are affecting their decline.

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Some species simply vanish with no apparent reason.            Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms living on Earth and the variety of their living environment or habitat. It is a measurement of how assorted the species are in a certain environment and how varied the environments are themselves.

It is important to preserve biodiversity because healthy ecosystems depend on the amount of biodiversity. Even if just specie is lost or significantly reduced it can have a huge impact on the ecosystem that would destroy its delicate balance. One type of specie could overpopulate due to the disappearance of the other.

This, in turn would create a chain reaction that would ultimately destroy the ecosystem unless drastic measures are considered. For example, a predator that disappears would cause its prey to overpopulate, say sea otters that eat urchins. Sea otters eat the urchins, when the otters are gone; the sea urchins’ population would boom and would consume all the kelp that houses a number of sea creatures.

A domino effect best describes what happens to the ecosystem when it is disturbed.ReferenceClarke, Tom. “Running out of Reptiles.” Science Central. 27 October 27, 2008.



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